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Ahmed had the entrepreneurial genes which led him to create an idea of Online Gaming, through which he was able to host a couple of gaming tournaments. TLG – Tech League Gaming is a gaming platform, based in Pakistan. Users from the website, buy TLG Coins to register in the daily/weekly/monthly online challenges and leagues. Users who win can withdraw their coins from TLG through bank transfer. In addition to online leagues and challenges, TLG also hosts different eSports events for providing the ultimate experience to the gamers who participate in the competitions. TLG wants to expand its reach into the global market of competitive eGaming and everything related to it.


Ahmed is an enthusiastic self-determined entrepreneur who created an idea of Online Gaming, and executed his idea by hosting a couple of gaming tournaments.


To promote eSports culture and provide opportunities to eSports enthusiasts all around the globe


To help eSports become a reputable profession across the globe

BUSINESS TRAITS Value Propositions

TLG allows the gamers to visit the website and register for their favorite games. When any team/player wins, the rewards are given in terms of TLG Coins. The website hosts Daily/Weekly/Monthly tournaments/challenges for money. In addition to this, the users can also host their own tournaments. Different online competitions are also organized by TLG of different games, where TLG coins are used as the registration fees. Gamers can withdraw TLG Coins through Bank Transfer, IBFT/EasyPaisa/SimSim. The company also sells game keys, gadgets, and computer accessories.

Revenue Model

The users play games on daily basis and participate in free and public online tournaments hosted by different countries. TLG offers play to earn platform where if gamers win any challenge or tournament/competitions, the get monetary rewards in the form of TLG Coins which the can withdraw through Transfer/EasyPaisa/SimSim at the rate of Rs. 45/coin. In addition to this, the revenue generation will also take place through:

  • Selling TLG Coins
  • Selling Premium Plans
  • Revenue From Live streams and ads
  • Digital and On Ground Sponsorship’s

Key Partners



Internet Providers

Payment providers

Key Activities

Organizing Digital Leagues

Hosting Digital Leagues

Live casting and streaming

Transferring Payments

Managing Social Media Presence Daily

Uploading Matches On Various Channels

Key Resources

Web Portal

Android/iOS App

Heavy Gaming PC

Fast and Uninterrupted Internet Service

Office Space

Customer Relationships

Support email

Via telecom.

Social Media



Our Website





Search Engines

Customer Segments

PC Gamers

Console Gamers

Cost Structure

Web Platform Development

Paid Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Domain Buying and Hosting

Internet Devices

Heavy Gaming PCs

Graphic Designer

Business Development Executive


In fall 2017, he enrolled into the BS Entrepreneurship Degree Program that led him to formalize the entire idea into an official online gaming platform.

On 4th October, 2017, he raised around 80,000 PKR by giving a 13.5% profit sharing to the investor for 2 months.

On 7th January, 2018, he launched a website to host digital competitions with payment methods such as EasyPay (Credit/Debit Card, Shop, and Mobile Account) and SimSim Mobile Wallet.

On 7th February, 2018, the investment deal was changed from profit sharing to equity based partnership of 10% against an investment of 160,000 PKR.

By 2nd March, 2018, the total number of sign-ups on the website was to 1000+ users with 500+ active gamers.

As a result of all the hard work and efforts, the website has hosted around 15 competitions till date.

At the moment, his official facebook page has a total following of 11,791 people (Refer to link:

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