Best Teaching And Training Methodologies

At IoBM we use the best teaching and training methodologies to prepare students to excel academically as well as in management skills to function ethically and take effective rational decisions in all endeavors of life. We aim to pursue leading-edge research and engage in the development of innovative ideas and analytical, interpersonal and leadership skills. The environment here allows freedom of thought and expression and encourage both faculty and students to be independent and creative thinkers. We demonstrate a high level of commitment to our students and other stakeholders to create responsible future global leaders. The institution stand by the following enlisted values and try to foster it in our students, faculty and staff: (1) Respect, (2) Intelligence, (3) Integrity, (4) Diversity, (5) Dynamism, (6) Empathy, (8) Commitment.

Programs at CBM are designed to produce a skilled pool of business leaders possessing a solid set of multidisciplinary expertise. We have a set of KPIs that we expect our students to develop throughout their learning journey with us. Values that we want our students to live by and strive to become include:

  • Sound professionals and ethical leaders
  • Agents of change and transformation for business, industry and nation at large
  • Problem solvers and solution seekers for global challenges, innovations and advancing technological demands.
  • Analytically profound decision makers
  • Creative innovators
  • Inspiring leaders having up-to date knowledge of Conceptual foundations of functional areas of business

Our Faculty Members Have Diversified Background Having Strong Academic Qualifications

Our faculty members have diversified background having strong academic qualifications as well as industry engagements. Our faculty and staff are given an engaging environment for personal and professional growth. Hence we expect our faculty to become:

  • Ethically sound professional facilitators
  • Advocates of change and innovations in teaching
  • Creative evaluators
  • Inquisitive investigators
  • Reflective practitioners having knowledge of the recent business development trends
  • Empathetic mentors who become an inspirational guide to the students