The objective of the seminar was to improve collaboration between industry professionals and research scholars and faculty of CBM. The seminar was planned with specific objective of sharing of key industry issues need research at universities, by senior industry professionals with the research scholars to facilitate them in selecting the topic for their study that has  industry relevance & significance. The initiative was in line with CBM vision and mission to promote research culture and close interaction between academia and industry.

A seminar was held in which industry professionals were invited. Meeting was chaired by Dr. Irfan Hyder, Dean of CBM & CES. Other faculty members attended this meeting were Dr. Afaq Kazi, Mr. Nawaz Ahmed, and Dr. Aamir Firoz Shamsi. Six senior industry professionals were invited from different industry sectors that highlighted Key Industry issues and discussed potential research areas.

  1. TEIZOON KISAT (Former Managing Director Orix Leasing Pakistan)
  3. ASHOKE KUMAR (Partner Advisory – EY FORD RHODES)
  4. OMAR QURESHI (Chief Operating Officer EXCELERATE PVT LTD)
  5. ASLAM FAREED (Head of Research, Monitoring & Evolution – GREEN STAR SOCIAL MARKETING)
  6. GHALIB JALEES (Chief Financial Officer SSGC LPG Pvt Ltd)

The purpose of industry and research concerns is briefly highlighted below:

DR. IRFAN HYDER (DEAN CBM & CES): briefed the participants about the IoBM Research priorities few highlights are given below

  • The seminar is organized in line with the vision of CBM and IoBM Research Program.
  • General practice in universities is research for the sake of research which apparently does not have any link with industry problems.
  • CBM need collaboration between Academia & Industry.
  • IoBM have 3 levels of Research:
    • MBA level Research as Capstone Project and this is becoming a land mark of CBM
    • Phil Research Paper: Objective of this meeting is to carry out Industry based Researches.
    • PhD Research Paper: Exploring a particular area & develop consultancy and training frameworks which is eventually in the interest of industry and academia.
  • To conduct such activities which are in line with international practices and from the perspective of IoBM to go for International Accreditation of AACSB.