The objective of this research group is to focus on Quality Management/Managerial Excellence issues in the business and other organizations.

This research group consists of Ph.D. /MS students and faculty members. The group provides an academic environment for the students/scholars for innovative and critical analysis of organizational problems.

This research group focuses on wide-range of problem domains in the field of Operations Management, Operations Research, Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, Supply Chain Management and Procurement and Inventory Management.

The students with the guidance of faculty members apply their academic and professional knowledge in planning, managing and conducting research activities.

The participant in the research group can obtain academic cum practical experience and exposure into their chosen field which will give them more opportunities in their practical life career. The group members may have more chances to present and publish their research work.


The main faculty members of this group are:

Some of the Ph.D. students are:

  • Muhammad¬† Tabish
  • Abdur Rehman Aleemi
  • Syed Ahmed Abbas