• To integrate ontological research with business analytics research
  • To link the research activities and experiential learning activities into a virtuous cycle that creates impact on industry
  • To develop an integrated knowledge base of business research conceptual frameworks and the research data
  • To be able to identify gaps in business research through analysis of literature survey.
  • To develop a framework for enhancing, refining and expanding complementary research.
  • To enable sharing and communication of research conducted by previous generations of researchers in related fields.

The goal of this research is to develop a foundation for creating a research related impact on industry and society by linking teaching, experiential learning of students, industry interaction, research knowledge creation, faculty development, executive training in a virtuous cycle of continuing refinement.

The repository would also be used to study the synergies of such repositories with the business analytics data that is now becoming increasingly available on the net.

The research group would develop a knowledge-base that will become the repository of research and experiential learning done by students and their MPhil/PhD research and its continuous refinement and extension through the faculty research and publications. The data obtained from the industry would be further refined through specific industry interventions. The combined analyses of the data in such repositories would help the industry through specially directed surveys to be published regularly.

Group Members
  • Dr Irfan Hyder
  • Junaid Ansari
  • Mohammad Yasir
  • Sufiyan Ramesh
  • Tayyaba Faseeh