• To develop a culture of marketing research among the academia.
  • Pursue leading edge research of marketing theory and practice with special reference to the Pakistani environment.
  • To help the industry in making research based marketing decisions.

Research Areas

  • Consumer Behavior and Advertising
  • Branding and Consumer Engagement
  • Visual Merchandizing

Research Group Members

Researchers from other institutions are welcome to join the group
Marketing research group meets regularly on Saturdays from 1-2pm.

Research Publications
Dr Tariq Jalees and Amber Raza

  • Jalees, T., & Raza, A. 2016, “Measure the effect of Attitude and Religiosity on Product Placement” International Conference on Innovation and Emerging Trends in Business Management 4-5 June, 2016
  • Jalees, T., & Raza, A. 2015, “Behavioral Approach to Impulsive Buying.” National Research Conference on Computing Management and Social Sciences and Economics December 15-16 2015
  • Jalees, T., & Raza, A. 2015, “Consumers’ Skepticism towards Advertising” International Conference on Business & Management 2015 (ICBM 2015) November 28 ,2015
  • Jalees, T., Raza, A., Tariq, H., & Tariq, M, A. 2015 “Measuring the Effects of Product Placement Strategy on Attitudinal Aspects” 5th International Conference on Business Management organized by the Institute of Business Management in Karachi from March 11th – 12th 2015