Media psychology seeks to understand how media as a factor in the growing use of technology impacts how people perceive, interpret, respond, and interact in a media rich world.

Research Group Members (Media Department)

Research Students

  • Mr Shahbaz Siddiqui
  • Mohsin Siddiqui

Scope of Research

The scope of the research group is to undertake pioneering and ground-breaking research on the impact of electronic media on the Pakistani audience. The idea is to generate data (nearly non-existent at the moment) from Pakistan based on Cognitive, Behavioral and Affective aspects of electronic media as well as the emergent technologies such as social media apps, mobile communication tools on the lives of common people of Pakistan. We intend to maintain a key focus on the under 30-year-old demographic as it represents 70% of the nearly 200 million inhabitants of Pakistan.

Key Intended Outcomes of Research

Multidimensional outcomes of research have been envisaged:

  1. Research to be published in nationally and internationally accredited journals
  2. Short Documentary Films based on the process and outcomes of key findings of research
  3. Policy Advice Document for the relevant commercial media entities as well as governmental regulatory bodies (such Ministry of Information & Broadcasting & PEMRA)
  4. Propagation of the field of Media Psychology (APA Div.# 46) among Media Sciences &

Profiles of Research Group Members


  • Shahbaz Siddiqui
          Shahbaz Siddiqui

    Shahbaz Siddiqui has been associated with the television media since the birth of independent broadcast television in Pakistan.

  • Since starting his company “Nucleus” in 1999 (from the annex of his home); he has effectively used his talent and skills tirelessly by making Nucleus Media grow into Pakistan’s leading vertically integrated media facility.
  • Shahbaz was in the core team, who literally “gave birth” to independent satellite channel in Pakistan by the name of Indus TV in the year 2000. From content strategy development to dealing with satellite operators like AsiaSat, Shahbaz has played a strategic role in making a dream on paper into reality
  • He further garnered accolades in producing some of the highly rated shows for ARY Digital, as well as pioneered a flagship show called “Maachis” for HUM TV in 2003-4. So much was the buzz that Maachis received an ovation at the IPO of HUM TV at the Karachi Stock Exchange. Shahbaz has thus far produced over 12,000 hours of quality television content.
  • Being passionate about new projects and box-breaking ideas, he has concurrently played key role as an adviser/consultant to the biggest TV media groups in Pakistan. As a finance person by education, he has capitalized it to his advantage while managing and advising television networks in Pakistan.
  • As a Founder Director of Media Psychology Research Center Pakistan (MPRCP.ORG), Shahbaz has started a new dimension in his career as a research scholar in the unchartered field of Media Psychology in Pakistan in collaboration with IoBM.


  • Mohsin Khan
         Mohsin Aslam Khan

    Mohsin Aslam Khan. Having completed his MBA, Mohsin is in the process of diversifying his knowledge portfolio by pursuing MPhil in Organizational Psychology from IoBM. He also holds additional work experience in aviation and banking industry.

  • With expertise in developing training programs, Mohsin has a keen interest in conducting research to solve and address challenges in areas pertaining to Organizational Psychology and HRM. He is also well-versed in applications of psychoanalytical tools for recruitment and psychometric testing of employees working in different corporate sectors with a goal to enhance overall employee well-being. He is also an affiliate of SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology). His recent research article in the field of Organizational Psychology is in the process of publication.