In support of the institute’s overarching objectives, the MHCRG will build on its strengths to manage a research environment which will:

  • To promote rigorous research that is relevant to the local and global requirement
  • To develop and support existing and emerging research strengths within a “high performance culture”
  • To facilitate multidisciplinary research excellence in Management, HRM, Entrepreneurship and HCM
  • To build sustainable research partnerships with government, industry and other institutions; following the theme of academia-industry liaison and experiential learning through research endeavors.
  • To provide a suitable enabling research infrastructure to our students and industry.


In addition to the institute’s research strategies, specific research strategies include:

  • The Working Paper Series
  • Regular Research Seminars/conference (open to the public) and the publication of their outputs in reputable local and international research journals
  • Consultation with the local business community to identify research opportunities
  • Provision of funding support for research activities
  • Research training workshops for faculty
  • Research mentoring
  • Provision of incentives to promote quality research outcomes

Human Capital and Management Research Group (MHCRG) Members

To fulfill the vision for research, from the honorable management of IoBM Management and Human Capital Research Group(MHCRG) has identified the following objectives and strategies.

The Focus of MHCRG

MHCRG emphases on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the people employed in an organization through the integrated research activities. It also helps to explore the link between  academia and business performance in terms of In terms of win-win situations for both industry and academia generally and particularly our graduates can learn in university and implement in industry.