There is a lack of entrepreneurial research on entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, approaches, strategies, failure rates & reasons, success factors etc. in Pakistani context. Generally the teachers in entrepreneurial discipline are referring to literature developed in the western context to address the challenges of the western world in the light of resources available there. This alien literature become of out of sync from the local challenges for obvious reasons. Keeping this in view there is a need to conduct entrepreneurial research in local context so that effective strategies can be develop for both entrepreneurs and teachers teaching entrepreneurship in Pakistani institutions.

Aims & Objectives

  • To understand the entrepreneurial mindset, behavior, strategies, methods of Pakistani successful & failed entrepreneurs.
  • To develop effective pedagogical methods to enable students to become entrepreneurs in Pakistani context.
  • Identify the dos and donats for student entrepreneurs who want to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Develop effective incubation programs to guide interested students to setup their ventures outside the class room after completion of their entrepreneurship course.


Entrepreneurial behavior in IoBM students
Researchers: Noman Mehmood

This research is focusing on key areas of students intentions towards Entrepreneurship, the family influence and the role of parent profession in influencing career choices. Elements such as family size, family income and parents acting as role model for their children are the key highlights. It also incorporates how Entrepreneurial education is assisting students and trying to analyze to what extent education stimulate this behavior. A survey has been conducted from approximate 120 students on parents occupation, family size and family income and residential area as part of survey questionnaire.

Entrepreneurial Dynamics of local entrepreneurship
Researcher: Omar Javaid

To understand how local entrepreneurs overcome various challenges in the process of setting up their businesses from scratch, by doing thematic analysis of their semi structured interviews (qualitative). The research will compare the experience of struggling entrepreneurs with those who are succeeding. The output of this research will bring IoBM in a leading position among all universities in Karachi in terms of entrepreneurial research on local entrepreneurs as no such study exists, therefore this study will become the baseline for any future research work to be done in a local context. This study will further provide grounds for a much comprehensive qualitative style study, which can be further expanded to other cities as well, to understand the entrepreneurial strategies and behaviors across Pakistan. All of these findings will benefit IoBM students in the process of setting up their own businesses, while faculty will be equipped with necessary the knowledge of local conditions and challenges an entrepreneur would face during the startup under local circumstances. The data collected can also be used to develop case studies of local entrepreneurs which may also be published in a book format.

The Impact  Of  Entrepreneurship Course Leading  To a Startup by the students
Researcher: Bazla Ali Khan

Objective of this research is to explore the impact of an entrepreneurship course on the intentions of doing a business. This research will also ascertain the natural inclination of a student towards starting his own venture, and the factors which are responsible in making students risk takers. Additionally the factors which inhibit students from initiating their own ventures will also be explored.