The Energy Management Research group at the College of Engineering Sciences (CES), IoBM focuses on the entrepreneurial engineering opportunities in renewable and conventional energy options for resolving the energy crisis of Pakistan. The objective of the research group is to stimulate the development of economically feasible renewable and other energy solutions for Pakistan.

Research Group Members

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

  • Business opportunities in renewable and alternate energy and their technical and economic feasibility.
  • Engineering solutions issues in renewable and alternate energy options
  • Government/Macro options for renewable and alternate energy sources
  • Solar tube wells, solar cookers, solar geezers, solar driers and other solar solutions
  • Engineering solutions for solar metering, reverse metering, on-grid/off-grid supply and distribution.
  • Bio-gas and wind energy options and experiential case studies
  • Renewable energy solutions for small business entrepreneurs, medium enterprise solutions
  • Alternate energy solutions
  • Innovations in conventional energy solutions such as petroleum, gas, coal and other sources.
  • Crowd funding and innovative financial solutions for energy projects.
  • Environmental impact assessment of different energy solutions and different size energy projects.
  • Feasibility of energy projects; short-term vs long-term, small size vs large-size solutions.
  • Consumer based energy generation: Experiences in wind, solar and other energy areas.

Research publications

  • Shahid Amjad 2015 Maritime Economic Cooperation: Hydrocarbons, Fisheries and Minerals IPRI-HSF International Conference on “Major Powers’ Interests in Indian Ocean: Challenges and Options for Pakistan”. Islamabad Policy Research Institute, Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF).
  • Shahid Amjad. 2015 Harnessing the Potential of Ocean Energy Pakistan International Conference ICEEES 2015 IoBM. Conf. Proc 2015.
  • Fahad Bin Abdullah and Shahid Amjad 2015. Energy Crisis: Are Coal Fired Power Plants an Environmental Friendly Option for Pakistan Department of Environment and Energy Management Institute of Business Management Karachi, Pakistan (Paper accepted for publication by Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences(JETEAS)