An IoBM research group is a team effort to support the graduate students (i.e PhD/MPhil students)  working in a particular specialized area of research. Each research group is led by a PhD faculty member and consists of other faculty members and graduate research students working in the same area. IoBM research groups focus on a line of research being pursued by the faculty member(s) for several years, and generations of students may come, contribute, graduate and leave, while the research continues in that particular line of research providing a rich environment for the development of new research.

The research group is the essential support structure for the research students; technical, motivational, and social-interactional. The students get individual and group counseling, exposure to debates and analysis on latest technical literature, specialized guest lectures, support material, mentorship etc.

The group meets regularly once or twice a month. Research intensive guest speaker sessions are often open to outside researchers. The objective is to develop a community of researcher in a particular specialized area consisting of IoBM researchers and researchers from other collaborating institutions

Research Groups

For more information and coordination, please feel free to contact Dean CBM (


Benefits of Research Groups

  • Provides a collaborative, expert-rich atmosphere
  • Tools and their know how is readily available
  • In-house Availability of the work done by previous researchers and guidance by them to carry it forward
  • Rich variety of research directions in a focused area
  • Provides a productive environment for creative ideas and ground breaking insights to flourish
  • Help brainstorm about theory, methods and give feedback on rough drafts and practice presentations
  • Provides an opportunity for peer mentorship