Accounting & Finance

  • Banking Sector Stability Evaluation Using Z-Scores.
  • Displaced Commercial Risk Evaluation in Islamic Banks in Pakistan.
  • Risk Reward Comparison of Islamic Versus Conventional Equity Funds ...

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Topic: "Critical Thinking"

Submitted by: Sarah Tariq Faquih, Fatima Marvi, Rubbia Moten, Abdullah Zubair, Murad Ali, Hassan Khan
Problem Statement: To find out why the loyalty of customers is decreasing, thereby affecting the revenues of Al Munir Hotel....

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Environment & Energy Management

Health & Hospital Management

Industrial Management

Management & HRM


Supply Chain & Logistics

Student completes a comprehensive supply chain management project either individually or in a small team. The objectives of the project are to:

(a) develop a feasible solution for a significant business problem in the supply chain of the sponsoring organization;

(b) demonstrate how the solution provides value to the sponsoring organization; and ....

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