Class Schedule of Boot Camp 2019

CBM challenges its incoming MBA students by offering a rigorous boot camp of orientation courses which fulfill the pre-requisite requirement to undertake first year foundation stage courses of the MBA program. The camp helps students from disparate backgrounds to bond quickly and prepare them for the intellectual challenge that they are going to encounter in the MBA program. They get a head-start with pre-requisite knowledge which acclimatizes them with the rigor and culture of CBM. This is an intensive 126 hour program which is spread over five weeks and conducted during evenings and weekends. Its objectives are:

  1. To develop technical skills in statistical and IT tools
  2. To develop a shared knowledge base in core areas of business
  3. To bring their communication and presentation skills to the desired level
  4. To provide orientation for personal organization and effectiveness
  5. To familiarize them with pedagogies of case study, and experiential learning


Number of Hours

1. Business Communication 12 hrs
2. Economics 12 hrs
3. Personal Effective and Leadership 12 hrs
4. Introduction to Management and Case Method 12 hrs
5. Introduction to Marketing and Case method 12 hrs
6. Business Finance 12 hrs
7. Business Accounting 12 hrs
8. Excel for Business Decision Making 12 hrs
9. Research Tools and Techniques 12 hrs
10. Business Mathematics and Statistics 12 hrs

Rs. 20,000/- will be charged for MBA Boot Camp for MBA students joining IoBM (CBM) for the first time.