MS in Business Management is a research route for a PhD in Business Management and is designed for students with a 4-year BBA qualification or those meeting the HEC criteria for MS in management science i.e. 16 years of education with degree in relevant business field with 1st division/CGPA 3.0.

MS in English-Applied Linguistics program envisages enhancing students’ understanding of issues in the field of Applied Linguistics. The program has been designed to meet the needs of emerging professionals for a) reading research critically; b) doing research; and c) sharing ideas/findings with peers and the wider academic community.

MPhil in Business Management is designed to meet the challenges of the business world and the growing demand for well-qualified and research oriented scholars in Pakistan. This program has been carefully designed in response to traditional and emerging trends to meet the growing market demand for various specialist areas in business management.

PhD in Business Management is to pursue leading-edge research, engage in the development of innovative ideas and analytical skills, and encourage both faculty and students to be independent and creative in their thinking. The outcome of this research program is the creation of a real and measurable impact on society and industry through quality research published in impact factor journals and recognized by industry.

PhD in Environment & Energy Management is a rigorous, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study. Students will be required to acquire substantial knowledge in primary environment and energy related disciplines with a focus on management and conservation, and sustainable development of resources; develop breadth in specialized fields related environmental and energy; become proficient in advanced research methods and develop expertise in a chosen dissertation topic. Students will be required to write a dissertation that evidences original research and high proficiency in the interpretation, analysis, and explanation of environment and energy related issues and phenomena.