Japanese delegate visited IoBM

Mr Yushi – Chief Guest and Mr Shuja – Education Coordinator and Interpreter from Hotsuma International School visited IoBM on Monday 20-03-2017 for the session about career opportunities through learning Japanese language in Japan. It was attended by over 80 senior students. The session was started by introductions and background about Japan. The delegate shared that the school is mainly a Japanese Learning School located in one of the finest cities of Gifu. It was established in 2008 and has more than 700 students. The guest also informed that Gifu and Nagoya areas are two major business suburbs of Japan and a lot of job opportunities attract international students to reside in these areas. He also emphasized that as Japanese is the only language spoken and understood, it is very important for international students to learn the language through our school. There are scholarships available for bright students. He enlightened that the core culture that is ingrained within our policies is based on Manners, Attendance and Communication.

We take pride in these and it is our utmost emphasis to be at par on these three areas. The session was well received by students and they were welcomed to visit Japan for their future dreams. The session lasted for an hour and ended with question answers, shield distribution and refreshments with guests.