Format of Writing Thesis/Project Report

Premise: It is important that a University must have its own standard format of writing thesis/project report. Failure to standardization of formatting the manuscript leads to variation often individualized but erroneous adoption.

Front title page- A formatted title page has been added.

Chapters   1 Introduction

Chapter   II Review of Literature

Chapter I and II Unanimity

Chapter III Materials and Methods

This Chapter can be sub-divided:

  1. Materials
  2. Methods

To allow and facilitate the Departments in Business and Social Sciences who do not or may not have used any Materials or Instruments for the study may also have the option of titling this Chapter only as


Instead of Materials and Methods

The Engineering and Science departments though must have this Chapter titled as ‘Materials and Methods’

Chapter IV   Results and Discussion

Again this Chapter may have:

  1. Results
  2. Discussion

This will allow the supervisor and the researcher to either separate results or discussion. However, some supervisor/researcher present results either in tabular form or graphical/diagram followed by discussion of the results right underneath.

Chapter V Conclusions and Recommendation

This Chapter may as well be sub-divided into:

  1. Conclusions
  2. Recommendations

The relative importance of both in thesis/report under one Chapter needs no emphasis

Reference: The supervisors/researchers should have the option of using either Harvard Style or APA style of referencing. Both of these formats are internationally recognized and ubiquitously used. The referencing style while publishing in internationally reputable scientific journal is always dictated by the journal which every researcher is obliged to adopt.

Guidance for supervisors/researchers: Though these have been briefly mentioned, it is important that the institution provide some basic understanding.