During the first week of summer 2016, a five day faculty development program was held between 24th May to 31st May, 2016. The workshops were based on visualization of a clear path towards organizational and individual vision and objectives. The workshops focused on developing innovative framework for teaching, research, curriculum, student engagement, industry engagement etc., with an action plan for implementation.

All the faculty members of different departments falling under College of Business Management (CBM) were invited for the workshops. The faculty members actively took part in the workshops and all the sessions were interactive.

The schedule of the workshops was as follows:

Strategic Vision by Dr. Irfan Hyder

Significance of having a strategic vision was demonstrated by Dr. Irfan Hyder and a presentation with interactive exercises was shared with the faculty members, so that they can come up with their strategic vision as well.

Blue Ocean Strategy: Concepts, Tools & Application at IoBM By Mr. Javaid Ahmed

Concept of blue ocean strategy was shared with examples during this session. How the faculty members can create their own blue ocean was also discussed. The faculty members shared their ideas for creating their own blue ocean.

Business Balanced Scorecard: Concepts, Tools & Application at IoBM by Mr. M. Ekhlaque Ahmed

Concept of balanced score card, its significance, modes of usage and its implementation in higher education institutions was shared. Interactive exercise was also carried out through which each department made a plan for the implementation of balance score card at IoBM in their respective departments.

Publishing in ISI Impact Factor Journals by Mr. Nawaz Ahmad

Most of the faculty members carry out research work during each semester but most of that work never gets published. Recognizing this need a workshop session on publishing of research work in ISI impact factor journals was conducted. The meaning, types and process of getting faculty research work published was shared by Mr. Nawaz Ahmed.

Developing a Faculty Brand: By Mr. Ejaz Wasay

In the time of immense competition the faculty needs to brand itself so that it doesn’t get lost in the large pool of education facilitators. For this purpose branding the faculty workshop was conducted by Mr. Ejaz Wasay. Activities were carried out during the session to make the faculty members realize their potential, their skills, abilities and those aspects that make them standout from all the other individuals.