Industrial Management degree program is designed to address and solve real life problems relating to industrial set-ups. Collaboration with relevant industries and financial institutes is its modus operandi. This course is one of the very few aimed at mid-career professionals who wish to make the move to senior management within industrial and manufacturing organizations. It is designed to provide the business expertise essential for all senior managers by integrating specific engineering subjects with the management of technology and manufacturing systems. The program also examines the latest business thinking and provides expert knowledge on engineering and technology issues and theories. Topics such as finance, marketing, management strategy are integrated with modern industrial issues such as project and quality management, manufacturing effectiveness, advanced manufacturing technology and supply chain management.

Mission Statement

The mission of MBA (Industrial Management) program is to develop skills for optimizing the utilization of human resources, facilities, equipment, tools, technologies, information and the handling of materials to produce quality products and services safely and cost effectively considering the needs of customers and employees. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skills in the mathematical, physical and social sciences together with the principles and methods of Engineering analysis and design to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems.

Program Objectives

  • To address and solve real life problems relating to Industrial setups.
  • To collaborate with relevant Industry in its modus operandi.
  • To provide business expertise essential for managers by integrating specific engineering subjects with the management of technology and manufacturing systems.
  • To examine latest business thinking and provide expert knowledge of engineering and technology issues and theories.
  • To reflect the challenges faced by traditional manufacturing organizations.

Dr. Shahid Amjad

Head of Department (HoD)

Dr. Shahzeb Malik
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