Vision Statement

The overarching objective of EEM is to assist in capacity building and updating their global and national knowledge on natural resources and energy development. The EEM Graduates will be prepared to address the global challenges of population growth and food and energy security which is both a global and Pakistan specific defining issue of 21st. century. This will prepare students in achieving sustainable development having overarching justice and equity for achieving healthy living environment.

Mission Statement

Mission of the Environment and Energy Management(EEM) Program aims to prepare students as future decision makers in institutions, manufacturing companies, government, non-governmental, and international organizations for analyzing and providing environmentally proactive green solutions in business management and resource utilization  which requires creative solutions in decision making in Environment and Energy Management Program.

Job Market and Job Opportunities

Job opportunities and Investment in Pakistan would be in areas of Energy Sector namely Thar Coal utilization, Gas Sector, All renewable forms of energy, Energy Conservation, Planning and Environmental Management etc. The demand for our EEM Graduates are in the public and private sector manufacturing companies, government, non-governmental, Community based organizations,  national and  international environment and energy related organizations

Dr. Shahid Amjad

Head of Department (HoD)

Dr. Shahid Amjad 
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