To develop transformational and change leadership for the development of economy, industry and society requires that CBM develops deep industry engagement. CBM strives hard for obtaining concrete output from industry engagements and international/national collaborations and linkages.

Over the last 20 years, IoBM has produced over 8000 graduates who are now at senior and prominent positions at the top organizations in Pakistan and the world. Engagement with alumni is a crucial link in the development of an institution and involves work on various projects including their participation which is vigorously sought at various academic platforms.

Foreign Collaborations

IoBM has over 50 MoU’s with foreign universities for sharing of experiences and mutual learning.

S.No. Name of Expert Date of Arrival Date of Departure Specialization Field Host

Mr. HartmutWellerdt

2nd visit
3rd visit
4th visit
5th visit
6th visit
7th visit





Marketing and developing case studies as teaching aids

Ms. ShahnazMeghani

Ms. ShahnazMeghani
Ms. ShahnazMeghani
Mr. Javaid Ahmed
Ms. ShahnazMeghani
Mr. Javaid Ahmed
Mr. Ekhlaq Ahmed

2. Mr. Bernhard Schrempp 07-10-2008 31-10-2008 Vocational and Technical Training Institute Mr. Moinuddin Ali Khan

Dr. Dietger Mainz2nd visit

3rd visit
4th visit
5th visit





Business Administration, Planning of entrepreneurial research projects, course development and teaching specialized courses in small and medium enterprises.

Business Administration, Planning of entrepreneurial research projects, course development and teaching specialized courses in small and medium enterprises.

Mr. Abdul QadirMoulvi

Mr. Abdul QadirMoulvi

4. Dr. Gunter Langer
2nd visit
Industrial and Production Engineering Dr. Ejaz Ahmed
Dr. Irshad Khan
5. Dr. Ludwig Fissenewert
2nd visit
3rd visit
Business Process and Re-engineering Dr. Irshad Khan
6. Mr. Horst Stenzel
2nd visit
3rd visit
Media Studies Dr. ShahidaKazi
Mr. EjazWasay
7. Prof. Dr.  Friedrich Karl Rothe 01-10-2011 21-10-2011 Education Management Dr. NasreenHussain
8. Dr. Ursula Christiansen 15-01-2012 09-02-2012 Hospital and Health Management Dr. AsimaZahid
9. Prof. Dr. Dietrich Steude
2nd visit
3rd visit
Supply Chain Management Mr. Moinuddin Ali Khan
10. Prof. Dr. Lothar Bayer 20-10-2012 10-11-2012 Economics Dr. ShahidaWizarat
11. Mr. JuergenGau 16-03-2013 19-04-2013 Industrial & Electrical Engineering Dr. M. Irshad Khan
Ms. Seema Ansari
12. Dr. Walter Wolfgang Eckhard 18-06-2013 12-07-2013 Industrial Engineering & Technical I.T. Dr. Ejaz Ahmed
Dr. M. Irshad Khan
13. Dr. ReinhardBehm 17-11-2013 07-12-2013 Marketing Mr. Javaid Ahmed
14. Prof. Dr. Volkmar Bruckner 12-01-2014 07-02-2014 Telecommunication Ms. Seema Ansari
15. Mr. Stephan Lukatsch 16-03-2014 04-04-2014 Industrial Maintenance & Safety and Project Management Dr. M. Irshad Khan
16. Dr. Wolfgang Allehof 20-01-2014 13-02-2014 Organizational Psychology & Business Administration Dr. Nadia Ayub
17. Dr. ChristophLubbert 05-11-2015 05-12-2015 Quality Management (Logistics) Mr. Moinuddin Ali Khan
18. Prof. Dr. Javier Poncela            -             - Telecommunication / Industrial Management Ms. Seema Ansari
19. Ms. Maria Paola Spring 15 - Social services, Education, Child Development IoBM
20. Dr. Bettina Robotka 4-09-2012 3-09-2013 Social Sciences IoBM

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning initiative of CBM would enable an impact on industry and society by linking teaching, experiential learning of students, industry interaction, knowledge creation, faculty development, executive training in a virtuous cycle of continuing refinement. Experiential Learning intensive courses are designated separately and require special focus of the students and faculty.

Projects Exhibitions

The recommended mode for the assessment of Experiential Learning is through projects exhibitions where the students, faculty and external stakeholders are invited to come. Industry executives act as formal evaluates on a criteria which is well publicized at the beginning of each semester. These exhibitions and project displays provide a mechanism for what the academics call “authentic assessment”.

National and International participation are another mechanism for the “authentic assessment” of the experiential learning.

  • Inter-university exhibitions and competitions
  • Inter-school exhibitions and competitions

Capstone/Final Project

Capstone final year projects for the MBA program provide industry relevance through work on real life problems in real life situations and is part of the experiential learning initiative. The projects increases the rigor of the program by making the students responsible for meeting the industry standards for the acceptance of the project work.

Social Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Advocacy

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership through Social Advocacy projects is a major initiative for providing relevance to the issues and problems of Pakistan.  This initiatives help in creating a concrete social impact on the society and the development of a constructive mindset. Development of micro-businesses through the community service course requirements.

  • Projects for addressing the social ills of the society such as lack of time management, management of commitments, ethical relationships etc.
  • Development of expertise in the establishment and management of NGOs.
  • Development of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership programs.

The objective of the seminar was to improve collaboration between industry professionals and research scholars and faculty of CBM. The seminar was planned with specific objective of sharing of key industry issues need research at universities, by senior industry professionals with the research scholars to facilitate them in selecting the topic for their study that has  industry relevance & significance. The initiative was in line with CBM vision and mission to promote research culture and close interaction between academia and industry.

A seminar was held in which industry professionals were invited. Meeting was chaired by Dr. Irfan Hyder, Dean of CBM & CES. Other faculty members attended this meeting were Dr. Afaq Kazi, Mr. Nawaz Ahmed, and Dr. Aamir Firoz Shamsi. Six senior industry professionals were invited from different industry sectors that highlighted Key Industry issues and discussed potential research areas.

  1. TEIZOON KISAT (Former Managing Director Orix Leasing Pakistan)
  3. ASHOKE KUMAR (Partner Advisory – EY FORD RHODES)
  4. OMAR QURESHI (Chief Operating Officer EXCELERATE PVT LTD)
  5. ASLAM FAREED (Head of Research, Monitoring & Evolution – GREEN STAR SOCIAL MARKETING)
  6. GHALIB JALEES (Chief Financial Officer SSGC LPG Pvt Ltd)

The purpose of industry and research concerns is briefly highlighted below:

DR. IRFAN HYDER (DEAN CBM & CES): briefed the participants about the IoBM Research priorities few highlights are given below

  • The seminar is organized in line with the vision of CBM and IoBM Research Program.
  • General practice in universities is research for the sake of research which apparently does not have any link with industry problems.
  • CBM need collaboration between Academia & Industry.
  • IoBM have 3 levels of Research:
    • MBA level Research as Capstone Project and this is becoming a land mark of CBM
    • Phil Research Paper: Objective of this meeting is to carry out Industry based Researches.
    • PhD Research Paper: Exploring a particular area & develop consultancy and training frameworks which is eventually in the interest of industry and academia.
  • To conduct such activities which are in line with international practices and from the perspective of IoBM to go for International Accreditation of AACSB.