Experiential learning is a philosophy and methodology in which charteducators purposefully engage with students in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values (Association for Experiential Education, para. 2). Experiential learning is also referred to as learning through action, learning by doing, learning through experience, and learning through discovery and exploration.

Importance for Faculty and Students’ Learning

Following quotes wonderfully elaborate the significance of experiential learning:

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
Confucius, 450 BC

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I will learn.
Benjamin Franklin, 1750

There is an intimate and necessary relation between the process of actual experience and education.
John Dewey, 1938

Student Roles in Experiential Learning

Qualities of experiential learning are those in which students decide themselves to be personally involved in the learning experience (students are actively participating in their own learning and have a personal role in the direction of learning). Students are not completely left to teach themselves; however, the instructor assumes the role of guide and facilitates the learning process. The following list of student roles has been adapted from (UC-Davis, 2011 and Wurdinger & Carlson, 2010):

  1. Students will be involved in problems which are practical, social and personal.
  2. Students will be allowed freedom in the classroom as long as they make headway in the learning process.
  3. Students often will need to be involved with difficult and challenging situations while discovering.
  4. Students will self-evaluate their own progression or success in the learning process which becomes the primary means of assessment.
  5. Students will learn from the learning process and become open to change. This change includes less reliance on the instructor and more on fellow peers, the development of skills to investigate (research) and learn from an authentic experience, and the ability to objectively self-evaluate one’s performance.

Integrating Experiential Learning (EL) in Teaching

Primary role for instructors is to identify a situation which challenges students through problem-solving, cooperation, collaboration, self-discovery and self-reflection. At the same time, decide what the students should learn or gain from the learning experience. Below are some primary points to consider when integrating experiential learning in your own teaching:

Plan: Once the EL experience has been decided upon, plan the experience by tying it to the course learning objectives and determine what students will need to successfully complete the exercise
Prepare: After the planning has been completed, prepare materials, rubrics, and assessment tools and ensure that everything is ready before the experience begins.
Facilitate: As with most instructional strategies, the instructor should commence the experience. Instructor should refrain from providing students with all of the content, instead, guide students through the process of finding and determining solutions for themselves.
Evaluate: Success of an experiential learning activity can be determined during discussions, reflections and a debriefing session.

Experiential Learning Projectschart


In Course Experiential Learning & Presentation to Corporate Managers

Projects are given to the students based on the conceptual framework learned in a course. Students connect themselves in an organization and trace the practical processes and try to relate the theory with practice. Students work in a group for this exercise and draft work is reviewed by the faculty concerned and guidance is given to the students for exploring various aspects in further depth. Students make interim presentation in the class. Corporate Managers/Executives who supervised students in the project are also invited in the class for the final presentation to evaluate their project work. Students also learn from   cross company discussions which are held during the evaluation process.

Eureka Fair – Experiential Learning Projects

As part of the experiential learning system being incorporated at IoBM It is our pleasure to announce that the MBA students of Technology, Innovation & Strategy course have applied all their learnings into building tangible innovations. 17 such new product development prototypes have been developed.  A display of the same under the title of "Eureka Fair" will be arranged to give a chance to our students to gain confidence in their innovation capabilities and motivate other students to do the same.

Muhammad Ekhlaque Ahmed the lead of Capstone Experiential Learning Project is invited as a guest adjudicator at the Eureka Fair and help in making this effort more productive. It will bring some meaningful insights from the industry and aid in building better academia-industry linkages. The Fair is due to be held on 23rd April 2016 from 10am - 1pm at the IoBM Korangi Creek Campus. A list of projects with their brief synopsis is below.

Eureka Fair Exhibition - List of Projects

Project Title Key Features Industry Served
WITRICITY A device that transfers the power wirelessly at home, offices at any place where the wiring is installed. It will provide the facility to relax people from those tensions of improper wires, low quality wires, burnt, and short circuit as our new UPS and power pack will be free from wires as it will transfer power through electromagnetic waves with Receiver chip on appliances. Electrical Appliances / Home Power Management
EVEREE Everee helps the user rediscover the city they love. It is an application that turns a smartphone into an awesome discovery device to gives the user offline notifications as they roam around the city. The user gets to know about the most appetizing food places, the trendiest shopping stores and the most lively entertainment spots in the city. Entertainment / Discovery
SELF RESCUE FLOATING DEVICE Assists a wearer to keep afloat in water. This device allows individuals to swim comfortably on their stomach and to float on their back. It will greatly increase users' confidence and will be a life saver in case of drowning. The main function of this device is to break the barrier between compressed air chamber and its Surrounding chambers, thus the air will rush out and expand into floating device. Sports / Marine / Medical

Connect life to our general usage products. Focus is towards stationery and specially pencil. The pencil would look the same but it at the rear end of the pencil, below the rubber pad, a seed would be inserted. The purpose of inserting a seed inside a pencil is that when we are done with the pencil, rather than throwing it away, we plant it in our own garden or any nearby fertile place. This is how a pencil can give life to a tree.


Stationery / Arts & Crafts / Horticulture
U-Pass A university access card that encompasses all facilities that a student requires on and even off campus. This card will help in security checks, gaining access to buildings, mark attendance, borrow/return library books, purchase food at different food points on campus, trace medical record and much more. The card will also be used to pay tuition fees, transport fees, gain gym membership, ATM withdrawals etc. Hence, this card is one solution for all your university problems. Education / Entertainment
GREEN THUMBS A website and mobile app for people who seeks gardening solutions for their homes, offices, businesses, events etc. The website/app will also provide a platform for gardening enthusiasts to come together and work collaboratively in easy greening solutions for the urban dwellers in Karachi to start with and then other major urban cities in Pakistan. Horticulture
VBA VBA (Virtual Brand Ambassador) is an AI based personalized brand ambassador and shoppers’ assistant that can be used for in-store promotions and customer service. Advertising / Customer Service
Dopa-Me A wearable device that can elevate the mood of the wearer through safe electrical/sound impulses that would result in taking the user in a psychedelic state of awareness. This in turn will result in heightened awareness of surroundings and self and therefore in improved productivity, memory and attitude. Medical

Project Title Key Features Industry Served
ELECTRIC N POWER PEG BACKUP CHARGER A device that captures the energy given off by human body just by just walking or cycling, funneling and automatically volts into ones dead cell phone battery. It has the capability to bring the device back to life or extending talk-time/ usage time into the great beyond. The device will make use of the kinetic energy from the movement of one’s body. Through the system in the device the kinetic energy will be converted into mechanical energy. Their battery attached to the device will save that energy and that can be used to charge their devices. Medical / Pharmaceutical
DONATION WEBSITE A donation website that make donation easier. U just have to go online and donate no need to visit camps. We will visit you and pick from your doorstep that needs to be delivered. Social Service.
DOCTOR DISCOVERER A portal which allows the user to find a doctor through a simple interface. It caters to the entire Karachi population who has access to internet. The website is easy to use and has a search option along with filters which would churn out the best possible results Medical
E-ASPIRIN This product is designed for patients suffering from chronic migraine, headaches, tooth ache, sinusitis or any other kind of pain in the facial area. It provides instant relief to all kinds of headaches by stimulating the SPG nerves with a minor shock. The device is almond sized and is surgically implanted beside the upper jaw. It comes with a remote control which, when placed on the same side of the face as the neurotransmitter device, cause it to pass the current. Medical / Pharmaceutical
NAVIGARE GPS SMART SOLE Navigare is the most ground-breaking product enabling GPS tracking technology in shoe soles, designed to help protect children from abduction considering the law and order situation of the country, also there is always a risk of children getting lost in public places as they tend to wander around. These innovative soles feature the latest GPS tracking technology embedded in the shoe soles with location coordinates sent to a central monitoring station. The premise of this technology is to provide you a map of where your loved one is at any time of the day through the mobile application. This can also be used for people suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism etc Security
HEALTH AID APP A health Aid App that consist of basic information related to disease its symptoms, its reason for occurrence, its prevention, diet plan for specific diseases and conditions, medicine plan etc. HEALTH CARE/  E-COMMERCE
SHAFAAF (FILTER BOTTLE) A large percentage of people who regularly drink bottled water assert that it is better than drinking tap water. The key job is to provide people with safe and clean drinking water anytime, anywhere by our filter mechanism fit for 1 Led in 1 liter handy bottle. That is people can fill tap water in the bottle and when the person drinks the water from the bottle the water will be purified through carbon filter fitted in straw. Health Environment Drinkware Drinking Water
VIRTUAL ED An online educational app which will revolutionize how children learn at school. Instead of using traditional books and copies, all the educational material will be available in digital format Education
VIRTUAL CLINIC Develop a Virtual Clinic which may provide an Online platform to doctors where they will come online and interact with the patients and give them prescription via Skype. The Doctors shall provide their services from remote stations and we may have a compounder at Clinic who shall be educated with the basic information of medical equipment to perform as support for both patient and doctor. The idea is for the underdeveloped areas of city and specifically for the rural areas where having a doctor is a blessing. Medical


Capstone Project Course was started at College of Business Management in Summer 2015 for students of newly branded MBA Program. The core objective of this program is to provide the students of MBA program an opportunity to work on real world issue and connecting it with the conceptual framework using the most modern management tools. This project engages the students with real world complexities and help them enhance their competencies and skill related to strategic thinking, communication, managing information and choosing among alternatives.

Capstone Projects have developed an impression which depicts the inspiring stories of IoBM students. The spirit of Capstone Projects is to showcase successful projects in the field of Business Management and its functional areas like Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Supply Chain Management with and for the society. The success stories are especially selected and elaborated in order to promote excellence in IoBM Research linked to Responsible Research and Innovation.

Project Scope

Projects on corporate issues involving multiple functional areas e.g., marketing, finance, supply chain, operations etc., are preferred, though single functional project is also be entertained. The level of efforts required by project should be at least 900 man-hours for a 3-student project group.

  • Terms of Reference or Project Proposal
  • Interim Project Report and Presentation
  • Final Report and Presentation

Total No. Of Capstone Projects From Summer 2015 To Fall 2016

S.No Function No. Of Projects
1 Marketing 77
2 Human Resource Management 21
3 Finance 17
4 Supply Chain Management 10
5 Process Improvement 03
Total 128
  • Based on the discussion and initial information provided by the company, student groups prepare a project proposal. Faculty concerned reviews the students’ work and supervise the same closely. If and when required, Faculty also join in the discussions with the concerned Managers/ Officers of the company. Project proposal is presented to the company for their approval.
  • A work plan is prepared by the student groups with detailed action planning. The work plan specifies activities and responsibilities. It also identifies a timetable for these activities and involvement of the company officers/managers.
  • Students work on the project in close coordination with the company. Weekly work progress is monitored by the faculty and students will are required to document each activity and reports progressively.
  • An interim report approved by the faculty and HOD is prepared by the student groups. The same is presented to the Managers/Officers of the company. The presentation is be held at IoBM. This can also take place at Company’s office at their request.
  • A final report will is prepared under the supervision of the faculty concerned and is submitted to Head of Department. After his approval, the report is presented to the company at an agreed date, time and venue

S.NO Company Name Departments Projects Description
1 Nutra Lake Healthcare Marketing Create Awareness & Design Launch Campaign of Diabetic Silver Socks And Maternal Care Herbal Products.
2 NutraLake Healthcare Marketing Design Launch Campaign for Hair Care Products & Beauty Cream Roses of Bulgaria.
3 SMEDA Finance Pre-Feasibility Report on Media House/ Production House.
4 SMEDA Finance Pre-Feasibility Report on Vegetable Starch.
5 COPHC Marketing In depth Analysis on Plastic and Rubber Industry.
6 COPHC Marketing In depth Analysis on Alloy Industry.
7 COPHC Human Resources In depth Analysis on Mineral Resources of Baluchistan.
8 Shield Corporation Limited Marketing To conduct a research with the objective of getting market insight for school items like school bags and water bottles, etc.
9 Ephlux (Pvt.) Limited HRM To develop a plan for Pakistani Market to make them aware about cloud base products for CX and ERP.
10 EFU Life Marketing In depth analysis on factors impacting employee satisfaction in EFU Life.
11 PSO Marketing Understanding the shift in the Pol & Retail Industry of Pakistan.
12 Telemart Marketing Analyze the market and prepare a suitable franchising program for Telemart
13 Indus Motors Company Marketing Develop detailed SOPs for the sales department.
14 Unity Group Marketing Conduct a research to explore the market for branded Wheat Flour. And Create Brand awareness.
15 Unity Group Marketing To study competitor and Design a Marketing Plan for Unity Group Oil Division.
16 Inter Market Securities Limited Finance Design ways to educate and increase number of investors in stock market.
17 GFK Pakistan Marketing To conduct Market Mapping Analysis and Census Study for Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market.
18 GFK Pakistan Marketing To Develop a tracking strategy with GPS coordination to track Mobile Phone and Home Appliances Market in Karachi.
19 Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities (NOWPDP) Human Resources To Construct Salary and Compensation Plan for NOWPDP.
20 Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities (NOWPDP) Human Resources To develop a business plan and identify the Micro Finance Opportunities for persons with disabilities.
21 Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities (NOWPDP) Marketing Developing an opportunities portal for self employment.
22 Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities (NOWPDP) Human Resources Developing a job portal for persons with disabilities.
23 Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities (NOWPDP) Human Resources Design Vocational Training for Persons with Disabilities(PWDs).
24 JS Bank Limited Finance Conduct detailed financial, social & environmental feasibility of JS Bank.
25 Hashwani Group of Companies Human Resources Digitalization of HR Activities.
26 Venture Pharmaceuticals(Pvt.) Limited Marketing Design strategies to increase overall business of venture pharmaceuticals(Pvt) Limited.
27 King Chemical Corporation Marketing To identify and evaluate the market potential of Aerosol Paints in Pakistan.
28 King Chemical Corporation Marketing Design the launch strategies for men's deodorants.
29 Gresham's Eastern Pvt. Limited Marketing Design effective strategies of marketing for boilers in Oil & Gas Industry.
30 Gresham's Eastern Pvt. Limited Marketing Finding out the causes of the decline in sales. Suggesting the ways and strategies to increase the sales ratio.
31 CDC Finance Mutual Fund Industry in Pakistan- Challenges faced and their solutions in light of global practices.
32 Al-Hilal Foods Marketing Research on Nutrition, healthy and hygienic food service in offices.
33 Medline Technologies (Pvt.) Limited Human Resources Development of departmental SOPs and new HR policies, revision and implementation of existing HR Policies and SOPs, Employer Branding- Diagnosis Phase
34 Medline Technologies (Pvt.) Limited Human Resources Development of departmental SOPs and new HR policies, revision and implementation of existing HR Policies and SOPs, Employer Branding- identifying new and unforeseen organizational challenges.
35 United Nations Development Programme (UNPD)- Youth Employment Project Human Resources Analysis of employment opportunities for vulnerable youth in boutiques in Major Retail Zones in karachi.
36 HBL Human Resources Develop a Talent Retention Plan at entry and middle management level of the company.
37 ENGRO Human Resources To conduct a census of total potential customers with regard to Food Services
38 Habitt Marketing A comprehensive competitive analysis on establishing competitive brands.
39 Habitt Marketing To conduct a research to gauge customer buying experience.
40 NBP Finance Strategies for Increasing Banking Population in Pakistan.
41 Gorey International Marketing To analyze the market potential of Hygiene Disposable Razor for male segment in Karachi.
42 Date Juice Marketing To create market awarness campaign for Date Juice.
43 Zong CMPak Ltd. Marketing Detailed in depth analysis of mobile usage among university students.
44 Gul Ahmed Textiles Supply Chain Management Design vendor appraisal system
45 Gul Ahmed Textiles Supply Chain Management Improving supply chain at Gul Ahmed using Lean Sigma Practice.
46 Gawadar Supply Chain Management Tuna Fish supply chain management at Gawadar case study.
47 Food and Beverage Industries Supply Chain Management Risk management strategies in Food and Beverage Industries.Bar BQ and other selected Industry case study.
48 CPEC Supply Chain Management Coal Stock yard management at Port Qasim of a CPEC Project.
49 Unilever Suppliers Supply Chain Management Packaging Material & Green Supply Chain study of Unilever Suppliers.
50 IoBM Supply Chain Management Solar Project- Green Initiative of IoBM.

S.NO Company Name Departments Projects Description
1 Eye Sight Trust Marketing Awareness and fundraising campaign about the aim and objective of Eye Sight Trust.
2 GSK Supply Chain Supply chain Standard operating procedure( SOP) for inventory and ware housing
3 CDC Finance Stock market investment trends and comparison with international benchmark & bond market risk and return analysis
4 CDC Finance Risk and return analysis of mutual funds
5 JS BANK Finance Impact of JS Group on Economy of Pakistan and  Ranking of Pakistani industries
6 NBP Finance Identify most widely used products offered in Islamic banking and the marketing elements used to promote them. Devise strategies  for corporate and Islamic banking window
7 Askari Bank Finance Comparative analysis of Corporate banking in Pakistan and strategies to improve services at Askari bank
8 Charter of Compassion Marketing Women Empowerment. To increase and encourage women to initiate their own ventures.
9 TCS E-Com (Pvt.) Ltd HRM To explore and recommend best industry HR practices being followed by local and international companies
10 Express News Media Industry Research To identify the net reach of channel, to identify target groups of TV viewers and channel ratings as per target groups
11 Ehtesham Packages(1) Marketing Make feasibility report for a reel to reel Label Printing machine with online additional option
12 Ehtesham Packages(2) Marketing Analysis of the current market size, potential customer and their volumes, SKU’s (with samples) and prices of reel to reel Label Printing Machine
13 Pharma Industry Supply Chain Issue of raw material local production for pharmaceutical industry
14 Abbott Laboratories Marketing Impact of line extension of selected consumer division’s products
15 ZONG CMPAK LTD Marketing To conduct a research in the SEC A,B & C areas of Karachi to find positioning of Zong after its re branding
16 Qindeel Academy Process Improvement To develop a donor-social action plan,  accounting control, and recording of expenses. Develop awareness campaigns for the academy.
17 Unity Group of Companies(1) Marketing A market study/survey of all  cooking oil brands available (SKU-wise) at different sales points (Hyperstar, Imtiaz, Metro and normal retail outlets) covering their marketing and distribution policies. The objective is to help the company to prepare a marketing plan for entry into this segment.
18 Unity Group of Companies(2) HRM To make job descriptions of all positions including job profiles and performance management process.
19 Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Ltd Marketing Market Analysis  of Ketchup and Mayonnaise products in Karachi. To propose a comprehensive product launch plan for Ketchup & Mayonnaise in the Karachi market.
20 Leopards Courier Pvt Ltd Marketing To conduct consumer insight surveys  to find out the impact and effects  before and after their advertising campaign.  Also conduct SWOT analysis and mystery shopping surveys etc. to gauge the level of service excellence and improvement needs.
21 GFK Pakistan Marketing Market & Consumer Acceptance of HTC Brand in the market
22 NAFA Marketing Detailed analysis of Mutual Funds’ Investors profile in Pakistan and design a marketing planfor the company.
23 CPEC Supply chain To identify the impact of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on over all  logistic operation in the country by identifying the significance of logistics operations and infrastructure in CPEC project.
24 APEX Marketing To identify the export potential of Pakistani products across different industries based on the gap analysis. Present the report to investors group/business forum and submit to relevant government authorities
25 Gul Ahmed HRM To identify the need of Employee Engagement and its implementation in Gul Ahmed Textile Mills and its linkage with reasons  for Staff turnover
26 Pepsico International (1) Marketing Toidentify the compliance gaps in system and bridge this Gap with awareness as well as innovative solutions.
27 Pepsico International (2) Marketing To identify opportunities on route and re-list PJP on suchroutes  identifying coverage opportunities for all 3 brands of Pepsico with customer feedback.
28 HBL HRM Talent development programs by evaluating talent development practices in the industry.
29 MySehat.pk Marketing To design a loyalty program for MySehat.pk which will provide its users with discounts and deals on various health related vendors (Gyms, Life Insurances, and Eateries etc.)
30 HBL Finance/Audit To evaluate/gauge the effects of traditional audit practices in Banking Industry.
31 Alpha container industries Pvt. Ltd Process Improvement Process and activity mapping and audit to find out whetherworkforce is deployed well and is  working up to its potential or not. Suggestion for proper placement of workforce is required.
32 Dynatis International & Red Communication &Arts Marketing Assessing and proposing  communication, retail and distribution channel strategies  to become the number 1 brand in the country.
33 HBL Marketing To analyze how kids relate with HBLMoneyClub.Clearly define the effectiveness of the product benefits develop strategies  how to attract the influencer- kids and decision makers-parents.
34 Charter of Compassion Process empowerment Expansion of the compassionate Cricket Project.Toolkit development and coaches training
35 Engro Foods Limited Marketing New channels identification and Institutional market/customers assessment for new products.
36 HBL HR Gender diversity
37 Hinopak Motors Limited Supply chain Recommendation for improvement in warehouse system and facilities at Hinopak in line with business process re-engineering
38 Cement Industry Supply chain Suggestion   for the appropriate   disposal of coal ash and give the  suggestion for its appropriate disposal.
39 Bar BQ Tonight Supply chain To improve efficiency, product differentiation, food safety, and product quality
40 Market Research HRM An industry research project  on millennial turnover
41 Market Research HRM An industry research project  on recruitment analytics

S.No. Company Name Departments Project Description
1 Askari Bank Finance Cash management services : offerings and  gap analysis
2 Askari Bank Finance Thorough analysis of current situation of power sector in Pakistan, future trends and how Askari bank can benefit of the development.
3 HBL Finance Identify most widely used products offered in Islamic banking and the marketing elements used to promote them. Devise strategies  for corporate and Islamic banking window
4 HBL Finance Reasons for large number of non-banking population and opportunities that exist in the market
5 COPHC Finance/HR Pre-feasibility report (Denim Fabric)
6 COPHC Finance/HR Pre-feasibility report (Electrical Industry)
7 COPHC Finance/HR Pre-feasibility report (Edible/Palm Oil in Pakistan)
8 CDC Finance Stock market investment trends and comparison with international benchmark
9 Hashwani Group HR Promotion and Succession Planning Policy
10 GSK Supply Chain Supply chain SOP for inventory and ware housing
11 TATA Best Food Marketing  Marketing plan for TATA Best food
12 GETZ Pharma Marketing Develop strategies for successful penetration for health care market for existing OTC products
13 Zack Services Trading Marketing Industry research  and marketing plan for cheese market in Pakistan
14 Blitz Marketing Conduct a retail and sales audit of HamdardRoohAfza in Karachi and suggest improvements in coverage, display merchandizing, POS material etc.
15 Appylink360 Marketing Create an online platform of doctors and health specialists for patients to book appointments with live chat support for consultancy and getting expert opinion
16 MarekPharma Marketing To analyze the factors that trigger the doctors to prescribe certain medicine
17 MarekPharma Marketing To analyze the Vitamin E market which has shifted to beauty salons and make strategies about how Marek can benefit from this shift
18 Charter of Compassion Marketing To implement a school certification program to incorporate nine behavior based compassion skills as content and school policy.
19 Charter of Compassion Marketing To provide cricket training to young enthusiastic players in underserved and marginalized communities, to engage 300 and more kids from each camp by the year 2017 in healthy cricket/sports activities
20 Charter of Compassion Marketing To promote the importance of education and reading in both underserved and privileged schools.
21 Eye Sight Trust Marketing Awareness campaign about the aim and objective of Eye Sight Trust.Organize fund raising campaign to meet short, medium & long term goal of Eye Sight Trust.
22 Blitz Marketing To identify basic understanding of consumer’s Online Purchase and to suggest about how consumer Online Purchasing perception needs to be changed.
23 Abbott Laboratories Marketing To measure the impact of cannibalization within Pain Category which is saturated rather over the counter driven segment so that in days ahead some strategic actions to be taken in order to maintain and elevate the brand equity within this category.
24 Pizza Hut Marketing Digital Marketing strategy for Pizza Hut
25 CDC Finance To provide  the relevant causes and remedies which would enhance the investor base of the country
26 KFC Marketing Improving the overall restaurant excellence with respect to consumer insight
27 Abbott Laboratories Marketing To Capture the post launch lesson of marketing campaign for Mospel.
28 Market Research Marketing An industry research project on cash on delivery(COD)

S.NO Company Name Project Description
1 COPHC (1) To conduct the industrial review analysis (comprehensive business report for Gawader free zone on various industries of Pakistan such as packaging,  textile marble fish farming, fruit and vegetables etc.).  It will be a comprehensive report against each industry which will attract FDI mostly from China in Gawader free zone area
2 COPHC (2) Total of 8 industries to be studied divided into four projects; two industries for each group
3 COPHC (3) Total of 8 industries to be studied divided into four projects; two industries for each group
4 COPHC (4) Total of 8 industries to be studied divided into four projects; two industries for each group
5 ICI Pakistan (1) To design a platform on which customer can openly give their feedback or lodge any complaints that may have regarding ICI staff, products or services on regular basis
6 ICI Pakistan (2) Feasibility for introducing new products in chemical division. A project of industry research
7 Blitz Consumer preference study for food and beverage industry. Study of purchasing patterns and preferences of consumers
8 Coke Identification of strategic issues in gaining market share and preparing recommendations
9 Q&E Marketing plan for online grocery start up---contd
10 Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Marketing plan and branding strategies to set the company as an HR service provider, keeping in mind the regulatory restriction that are applied to the company
11 Reckitt & Benckiser Preparing a case of pharmacy detailing for R&B products to influence the pharmacies to recommend their OTC products to consumers
12 Charter for Compassion Empowerment of women in low income communities through entrepreneurial workshops (identification of problems faced by women and find a feasible solution through entrepreneurship; also develop research based modules for entrepreneurial efforts)
13 Hashwani Group (1) Marketing study and strategy development of IQF (Individually quick and frozen-fruits and vegetables) products
14 Hashwani Group (2) Study of supply Chain management for IQF (Individually quick and frozen-fruits and vegetables) products
15 Pepsico (1) Coverage and route identifying opportunities and relist PJP
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16 Express News (1) To identify the net reach of channel to identify target groups of TV viewers and channel ratings as per target groups
17 Express News (2) To identify the personification of Express News liking and disliking and how to improve
18 Dany Technologies (1) Market analysis (SOWT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Marketing Strategy , Utilization of Offline and Online Media) and feasibility (Cost benefit comparison,  Sales Forecasting, Expected Budget report)for opening 100 exclusive stores for its exclusive products
19 Dany Technologies (2) Strategies for international marketing and sales processes design for the same.
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20 Medicam Study of market dynamics of toothpaste industry and preparing a line extension plan for Medicam
21 UBL Marketing plan for Wiz Prepaid cards---contd.
22 TCS Examine the current workforce  and develop means to employee more female employees to improve work efficiency
23 Tullo Consumer insight and retail survey for an optimal brand positioning
24 Engro Public welfare development project to hire disabled people
25 Hashwani Group (HR Dept.) Process mapping of different activities of different depts. and preparing SOPs and JDs
26 Al Habib Pharmaceutical Designing of HR manual comprising of SOP for key processes
27 Leopards Courier Pakistan Issues with Job satisfaction of Senior Managers and how to improve
28 Liaquat National Hospital Process mapping of  activities of different depts. and preparing SOPs and JDs
29 M&P Process mapping and SOP development of core activities
30 CDC Reasons for low investor base in capital markets of Pakistan.

S. NO. Company Name Project Description
1 Unilever, PTCL, PEPSICO, Traces of Company Strategy for Bottom of Income Pyramid in Pakistan
2 Premier Agencies Premier brand products market feasibility
3 Zong Pakistan Re positioning in two top areas/segments
4 SOGO Brand positioning Strategy
5 Jaffer Business Systems Strategy for Customer Services business
6 Autocom Internal & External Brand Positioning Strategy
7 Orient Engery HR Manual/ Survey of Competitive Salary
8 UBL  Cards Business Strategy for Prepaid cards
9 Dadex Basic product: Business Revival Strategy
10 Premier Agencies Application of Lean principles to Distribution
11 Premier Agencies Retention of Sales force
12 Pharmevo Improving Supply Chain/Channel integration
13 COPHC: Pak-China Holding Co Development of HR Strategy & Manual
14 Nutralake Health Marketing Plan and its Execution
15 Wavetec Marketing Plan and its Execution
16 Enercon Systems Business Analysis & Competitive Strategy
17 Digitz Consumer profile and habits for social media
18 Engro Women diversity policy and procedure
19 Engro Study of Disabled Educated Professional for Hiring

S. NO. Company Name Project Details
1 Premier Agencies Hankel: How to sell a Hankel portfolio to our customers (shop keepers) when the Principal is not doing enough marketing but Premier can do something extra.
2 Al Habib Pharmaceutical Analyze and recommend strategies for marketing and sales covering organization’s positioning,  performance of field force, sample mishandling, prescriber’s (doctors) relationship building, cross checking expenses claim by field force. Prepare a marketing plan for pharma division of the company.
3 COPHC To facilitate employees in achieving their full potential at work, the HR department of COPHC is looking to introduce and implement a training policy and program for personal and professional development of employees. This will cover preparing of training policy, creating organization wide job description, making competency profile for each position, conducting training need assessment for both soft and technical skills, identifying and suggesting on the job and off the job training after discussing departmental HODs, arranging training resource, training feedback system
4 On Line Distributors Ltd

A training manual needs to be designed focusing on the following:

  •  Partners Sales Training (Pricing, SKU, Ordering, Product Description, Licensing)
  •  Partners Pre Sales Training (Product Info, Positioning, Solution, Use Case)
  •  Partners Post Sales Training (Order Correction, Order Execution, Order Amendment, Return Material  Authorization Process and SLA)
5 Dabur Pakistan

Market Analysis of new products to be launched

Dabur Pakistan plans to launch Fem brand in Pakistan. Current offerings under this brand are: Hair Removing Cream, Bleaches and Wax strips. Comprehensive study is required along with market analysis in terms of market shares, completion, pricing, communication, distribution, major trends, brand awareness etc.

6 Wavetech

Vendi Vending Machine is a product launched by Wavetec recently, which targets educational institutes and corporate offices, offering NFC based payments to customers for buying snacks and other services (mobile top-ups, tickets etc.) The plan for this project is to place a network of 1000+ machines throughout Pakistan, and then expand into other countries with a similar model

The group will help Vendi team to work on various tasks such as:

  • 1.   Help develop brand image of Vendi for target market
  • 2.   Identify key issues faced by consumers and improve product user friendliness
  • 3.   Help develop a smooth distribution channel to make sure inventory KPIs are met
  • 4.   Work on identifying brand ambassadors for each location
  • 5.   Do detailed analysis to identify key SKUs for each location
  • 6.   Come up with innovative ideas to increase sales
  • 7.   Help the company build sustainable processes & expand organically
7 Daldafoods Riverboat Category-JNSD (Category development, Complete Marketing Mix development and Brand Strategy Development)
8 Daldafoods Titanium Category: Category Understanding, Gaps identification, Packaging design recommendation, Brand Strategy development, Downstream Innovation
9 Abbott Pakistan Model transformation from Product to Category Communication: framework and concept understanding, Issues being faced, suggestions for improvement

There have been several impactful benefits of Capstone and Experiential Learning projects which can be summarized as under:

  • Industry gets valuable research for their projects.
  • Student's learning and experience of working with deadlines and meeting corporate expectations.
  • Real life issue and how to handle them is also learned by the students
  • Meeting the criteria for Engagement theme of AACSB accreditation.
  • Meeting the strategic goal of implementing experiential learning
  • Student engagement in a competitive and exciting environment of real life projects.
  • Capstone Projects are now enabling students to get direct job offers such as the one from EFU, NAFA, Pepsi Co. and others.
  • Faculty gaining valuable experience of industry issues and projects; especially those who have not worked extensively in the industry.
  • Faculty's lectures have become alive with real life anecdotes and stories of real projects on which they have worked for real companies.
  • Promotion of CBM/IoBM by fulfilling real needs of the industry.
  • Faculty has also started getting individual consultancy offers.
  • Relevance of faculty research with industry issues. Several research papers have now been published using the real life case studies.
  • Establishment of Faculty/IoBM Corporate linkages on one-to-one basis