Research areas

Our department is distinct in that it provides ample opportunities for research in the area of supply chain and logistics management. It has got an expansive infrastructure for research. It assists the faculty and students to spread   their research work with the help of strong international networks. Our department runs regular events related to research and development. Several multinational organizations offer a wide array of supply chain research projects to our students each semester.Our major research areas include:

  • Supply chain leadership
  • Freight transport sustainability
  • Supply chain compliance-use of lifecycle assessment
  • Supply chain solutions in the fast moving consumer goods ( FMCG) industry
  • Hazardous  Materials-Storage
  • ERP Applications in supply chain management: Success &failures in Pakistan
  • Ash utilization in coal fired plants
  • Green supply chain management
  • Supply chain management practices in steel industry
  • Moving food and pharmaceutical industries towards FDA certifications
  •  Managing supply chain of advanced materials &Nanomaterials .
  • Nuclear power plant-supply chain management
  • ISO standards for supply chain securities and risk management
  • Managing risk in supply networks: Using RFID , Balanced scorecard and other tools

  • Applying LEAN,six sigma to suppliers quality
  • Supply chain and energy management
  • Supply chain of defense industries
  • Port Management &corrosion of sea structure
  • Managing suppIychain issues in Rolling Mills: Use of Temp-core rolled product
  • How to negotiate &manage Contract.
  • Supply chain Management & Chinese economic Corridor.
  • Supply chain of Iran Pakistan gas pipeline & LNG transportation.
  • Assessment of supply chains of Asian & Muslim Countries.
  • Coal handling for effective Supply Chain
  • Thar Coal supply chain management
  • Reducing food Losses through effective Cold chain
  • Supply chain management Ppractices in Textile & Leather Industries
  • Halal food supply chain.
  • How climate change will affect supply Chain in Pakistan.
  • Supply chain of Dental & Orthopedic Materials

List of Research/Publications by Supply Chain Management Department

List of Papers Presented in Conference by Supply Chain Management Department

Kashif Shafiq & Moinuddin Ali Khan

  1. Making CPEC a success through Supply Chain & Logistic Management.

List of Reviewed Assignments

Universal Journal of Management (International) 

S.No Manuscript  ID: Manuscript Title: Date of review
1. 12110845 Using AHP Approach for Assessing the Overall Effectiveness of Competitive Tendering Process Feb 28, 2018

Universal Journal of Management (International) 

S.No Manuscript  ID: Manuscript Title: Date of review
1. 12109947 Evaluating Supply Chain Performance and Firm’s Operations of Air Transportation Jul 30, 2017
2. 12110535 Study on Push/ Pull Strategy Decision Taken by Organizations for their Products and Services Nov 8, 2017
3. 12110814 Waste Management in Sustainable Food Supply Chain through Reverse Logistics Dec 28, 2017

Pakistan Business Review

S.No Manuscript Title: Date of review
1.  Perceived reasons and benefits of ISO certifications - Management perspective of non-financial listed companies of Pakistan 2017
2. The Impact of Integration in Supply Chain Macro processes on Supply Chain Performance with the Moderating Role of Information System Support 2017

Book Chapter Review (International)

Cases on Quality Initiatives for Organizational Longevity

S.No Manuscript Title: Date of review
1. Quality Improvement in Real Sense or Just a Quick Fix? 2017
2. Relationship between ISO 9001 quality management system and productivity improvement: The case of the Colombian auto parts sector 2017
3.   Using the QFD matrix as a major continuous improvement tool to improve organisational quality: A case study 2017
4. Knowledge Management. A Catalyst for the phenomenal growth in IT business processes 2017

Universal Journal of Management (International) 

S.No Manuscript  ID: Manuscript Title: Date of review
1. 12108325 An Improvement Project – Karma Thailand  Nov 17, 2016