Logistics and Supply Chain Management is about planning and controlling the activities of a company, in order to secure that the right product is delivered in the right quantities, to the right customer, at the right time and to the right price.

As a part of Pedagogical Innovation we may like to include the following in our LSCM program.

  • Beer distribution Game for demonstration of Bullwhip effect
  • Golbal Enterprise- Rolls-Royce’s experience
  • RFID-enabled learning supply chain (LSC) based on advanced Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Drone -enabled Learning supply chain
  • Robotics-enabled learning supply chain
  • GPS enabled Logistics

The Skills to be developed includes:

  • Logistics skills—market analysis, collaborative relationships, sourcing decisions, change management and planning and organizational skills;
  • Systems engineering—cost analysis, product and design knowledge, computer literacy, supplier selection, production planning and inventory control;
  • Interpersonal skills—written and oral communication, group dynamics, problem solving and international and cultural awareness