Our department of supply chain and logistics management is well known for its engagement with industrial practitioners. Its programs have been tailored in line with the specific needs and requirements of the modern industrial concerns .We have the privilege to work with a wide range of industries including, retail, pharmaceuticals, automotive, oil & gas, defense and consumer- packaged goods. We have got that excellence to resolve complex business problems by bringing academic rigor to them.Our department makes it possible for the students and the staff to conduct research on live industrial projects with several organizations. We opt to engage endeavoring companies where our research outcomes and    innovative ideas can be tested and best applied in order to accelerate our economic and societal growth.We are committed to developing and maintaining strong relationships with our institutes’ partners working on board with us.  We invite supply chain industrial experts regularly from various renowned organizations and institutions to share their views with us.Industrial facility visits, career workshops and on campus recruitment have added value to our department. We want to work together with both the national as well as international industrial concerns to come up with supply chain solutions.

Industrial Engagement of the Department During Fall 2016

  • Solving problems of rolled product  and steel industry
  • Improving heat treatment practices at tool and die manufacturing plant : Internal supply chain
  • The head of the supply chain and logistics department, Mr. Moinuddin Ali Khan was invited as a guest speaker : Use of lean six sigma  in industrial operations
  • Best practices information sharing to food and steel industry
  • The head of the supply chain and logistics department,Mr. Moin uddin Khan was appointed as an expert to assist SEPA in new projects viz. 2x 660 MW coal fired power plant-using Tharcoal, CPEC and K-Electric project.
  • Mr. Aamir Khan of China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan PvtLd and Mr.Kashif Shafiq (Assistant professor, supply chain and logistics management) had a joint speech session on “ China-Pakistan economic corridor with respect to global supply chain reforms”
  • Mr. Ammar of Caterpillar and Mr.Kashif Shafiq (Assistant professor, supply chain and logistics management) had a joint speech session about “strategic supply chain management at Caterpillar”

  • Mr.Humayon Qureshi ( ERP expert) provided a lecture on ERP applications.