Student completes a comprehensive supply chain management project either individually or in a small team.

The objectives of the project are to:

(a) develop a feasible solution for a significant business problem in the supply chain of the sponsoring organization;

(b) demonstrate how the solution provides value to the sponsoring organization; and

(c) provide a review of relevant best practice and research in the field of supply chain management related to the topic of the project.

Project Topic Faculty Corporate
1 Study for the implementation of jit -inventory management system in NCB industry Adeel Shah NCB Industry
2 Implementation of tqm strategy  for the improvement in parts supply  system in for  NCB industry Adeel Shah NCB Industry
3 Assessment of supply chain disruption at KPT & Port Qasim Shiekh Abdul Qadir Port Qasim
4 Analyzing price trends of Ferro Alloys and determining safety stock levels for people steel mill Rashid Qutab Steel Mill
5 Assessment of green supply chain management practices & effect on export in a  selected leather industry and benchmarking with neighboring country Rashid Qutab Leather Industry
6 Assessing the  characteristics of effluent flowing along cbm and its effect on supply chain of fisheries Shiekh Abdul Qadir Fisheries
7 ISO certifications for lab to help boost market study; case study development Adeel Shah PCSIR
8 Analyzing  supply chain export potential of local cement industry and estimating forecasts Shiekh Abdul Qadir Cement Industry
9 Sustainability assessment of palm oil import by a local industry Rashid Qutab Local Industry
10 Feasibility of reviving Pakistan steel  through supply chain and operation of its Billet Mill Adeel Shah Steel Mill
10 Analyzing supply chain hurdles in export of rice. Case study development Rashid Qutab Rice Industry
11 K-electric supply chain demand management to consumption process for material management Adeel Shah K-Electric

  • Study to increase Productivity through better Supply Chain Management and Quality Management strategies of Motor Cycle Manufacturer at Pirani Group of Companies.
  • Improving Supply Chain Management through Environmental compliance – Study, Analysis & Recommendations at Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry.
  • Application of Halal in Supply Chain Management at Research Study.
  • Developing cold Chain for Increasing fish supply at Gawadar Port.
  • Analyzing Prospect of Digital Technology in Agriculture – to increase Supply Chain – Bench marking best practices at Pakistan case studies.
  • Life cycle assessment of Pipe material for water, oil & gas – Large diameter pipes at Crescent Steel Pipe Plant.
  • Research on Pak Afghan transit issues at Research Study.
  • Implementation of ISO 50001 to Solar Project IoBM (Energy Management) at IoBM.
  • Application of Supply Chain securities -Port Management at Gawadar Port
  • Study the Supply Chain dynamics of Tuna Fishes Market under Global Market's perspective at Gawadar Port.
  • Procurement strategy of machines and equipment (Packages) and its analysis from European Countries at ELTEX.

  • Design vendor appraisal system
  • Improving supply chain at Gul Ahmed using Lean Sigma Practice.
  • Tuna Fish supply chain management at Gawadar case study.
  • Risk management strategies in Food and Beverage Industries.Bar BQ and other selected Industry case study.
  • Coal Stock yard management at Port Qasim of a CPEC Project.
  • Packaging Material & Green Supply Chain study of Unilever Suppliers.
  • Solar Project- Green Initiative of IoBM.

  • Food Trace ability at Bar B Q Tonight: Project completed and presented at BBQ
  • Ware house Capacity Optimization at Hino Pak: Completed final presentation to be done at Hino Pak.
  • Coal Fired power plants Ash Utilization: Under Progress
  • Supply Chain Issues in CPEC projects: Presented in Workshop For CPEC organized at EMEC
  • Lean six sigma applications in textile industries
  • End to End supply chain management in textile industries
  • Solar project of Institute of Business Management (Iobm)
  • Moving a Pharmaceutical company to 4.0 Level

  • Supply chain SOP for inventory and ware housing at GSK

  • Study of supply Chain management for IQF (Individually quick and frozen-fruits and vegetables) products at Hashwani Group.


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