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Pricing Models and Strategies

Pricing is a fundamental business discipline that is closely related to corporate strategy, marketing, finance, and operations across the whole business process. Pricing analytics, as one of the critical territories of business, has emerged as an important weapon to gain profitability and drive high performance. Revenue management or yield management is a growing business. It becomes the core skill of pricing analyst.

This is an advance level marketing course at IoBM that incorporates a mix of lectures and case studies, rounding it off with a term – project aimed at understanding the practice of pricing issues in the real business world.

Marketing Strategies for Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP)

Currently companies are facing saturated markets with limited growth potential and a highly competitive business landscape. A growing number of companies are now viewing the base of the pyramid as one of the most exciting market opportunities of the early part of the new millennium.

Future Marketing Technologies

The course examines the swiftly changing domestic and international marketing methodologies & dynamics. The newer technological breakthroughs are on the verge of revolutionizing the way marketers would market their products/services in the near future. The modern technologies are going to redefine the product development and sales life-cycle in totality. Therefore, it becomes immensely important for business and marketing students to develop a complete insight of technology changes in the environment.