Industry engagement is referred to as working with different industries, where students can work with different corporation to apply their skills, theories and concepts learnt in class to the practical life and learn how things work in practicality This educational methodology enable students to enhance their degree training in a wide variety of real-world problem solving projects as part of their courses.

We believe in building a long term relationship with a network of industry partners who can tap on our students’ talents and qualifications. By engaging with them we built a link for our students to network and learn from these industry practitioners.

Industry Engagement Includes:

  • Guest Speaker Session
  • Workshops and Diploma Courses
  • Conferences
  • Events


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IoBM has organized Professional Development Workshops that has been extremely valuable and surely set faculty further in motion towards their personal, professional and academic development. The learning through Listening to and interacting with esteemed Speakers/trainers of workshop has revitalized their minds with greater motivation and dedication towards their work.


The Second International Conference on Experiential Learning (ICEL 2017)

was held at the Institute of Business Management on October 21 and 22, 2017. The objective of the conference was to exhibit how teaching patterns have evolved in the last several years, from conventional to experiential—that is learning by doing. Although the learning continues to be conceptual, rigor in learning is reflected through innovational and real time experiences.

The conference included problems and solutions for Experiential Learning (EL) and cases of successful teaching and learning through EL, covering both school and higher education, business management, health and hospital management, engineering and media were presented. The cases were part of plenary sessions, paper presentations and panel discussions in which eminent national and international speakers participated.

This report will reflect on the two-day conference for all the tracks. An inaugural session kick started the conference with a welcome address by the Chairperson, Dr. Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM & CES and Mr. Talib Syed Karim, President IoBM. Other speakers included, Mr. Javed Memon, Director HEC, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, CEO Indus Hospital and Mr. Bashir Jan Mohammad, Chancellor IoBM. All the speakers expressed their views with regards to learning through their own experiences.

The presentations of the speakers set the tone for the panel session which was moderated by Hussain Aftab Changi, a CBM graduate who had worked on an experiential learning project known as capstone project. The panelists were Naveed Ilyas, Senior Director, Global Marketing and Sales at IBEX Global, Afzal Shahabuddin, Resource edge; Jalal Curamally, Head of HR, EFU; Talha Wahab Regional Manager, Pepsi; Bernd Sprankel, Senior Experten Service Germany and Rukhsana Asghar Fulcrum Business Consulting. The discussion focused on the utilization of the experiential learning and the role it plays in providing fresh graduates a heads up on what is expected in the professional world.

The plenary speakers were Dr. Muhammad Rizwan of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan and Dr. Abdul Salam Lodhi, BUITEMS. The two speakers presented their ideas regarding transformational teaching and the utilization of skills of the workforce in Pakistan. The post lunch panel session was based on students who had worked on prestigious capstone projects with leading firms such as Habitt, Pepsi, EFU and the moderator for the session was once again Hussain Aftab Changi. The session was useful to understand the processes and the hardships faced by students while working on capstone projects. It also gave a glimpse of feedback of the positive impact the projects had on the students who could jump start their professional lives as a result of the projects.


The Marketing society is one of the oldest and most prestigious society of IoBM, formed in 1996. Its purpose is to encourage, promote and initiate project. Marketing Society gives you an opportunity to gain real life insight into the different aspects of marketing and a chance to meet and speak with professionals in the field. Its purpose is:

Collaborating with organizations.
Conducting Above the line promotional activities for organizations at the institute.
Conducting Workshops
Conducting Seminars
Conducting Conferences
Conducting Shows
Conducting not for profit activities.

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