The Health and Hospital Management  Department is focused on making the industry liaison that is based upon mutually beneficial interaction.

The industry linkage program caters to conducting research on health base issues, TQM, HMIS and making analytical reports, and organizing experiential learning based projects, workshops and industrial visits.

Our objectives

  • We commit to regular interactions of instructor, students and other Liaisons. Depending on the nature and phase of research, meetings are arranged as required in a semester; arrange mutually convenient visits to the company.
  • We are focused on communicating to students about the support of the Industry Liaison Program and its value.
  • We are interested in developing our future graduates as professional icons. In order to implement the idea of future employees and ultimate leaders. We are providing professional events to students so that they may relate to their academic training with industrial exposure. We also encourage our students to attend and take advantage of interacting with professional from the organization in these events


Experiential Learning based group assignment

To make our students professionally groomed we have incorporated several experiential based learning assignments in our department’s courses. Students enthusiastically participate and learn from these kinds of group assignments.

Industrial visits

Industrial visit is a vital activity for a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as a part of curriculum.  The basic objective of industrial visit is to provide students an insight regarding the working environment. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provide students a practical perspective about the industry.

Changing the way we engage CBM Society of Health Managers (CSHM) Engaging with Health Advocacy Groups


  • Health and Nutrition Festival Thar
  • National consultation of PakBDO Association
  • Consultative Workshop on Development of National Thalassemia Policy
Industry Engagement
  • Health Convention
  • Pharmaceutical Plant Audit & QA Training
  • IOBM Health Camp


  • World Health Workers Week
  • World Health Day
Industry Engagement
  • Health FIRST -International Health Management Conference
  • AIT ‘Ensuring Training Effectiveness’ Program
  • SMART Hospitals of Tomorrow
  • Disaster Management & Risk Management Workshop by Ursula Christiansen
  • CSHM-SWAT Blood Drive

World Health Day & World Health Workers Week

  • Members of MHM department (CSHM) conducted a small training session in the activity center to conduct a small activity which was actually in the form of group session on food safety and food adulteration and alternative medicine .
  • This was in synchronization with the WHO theme for World health day " food safety from farm to plate“
  • WHWW is celebrated every year since the past 3 years, as part of WHO strategy for 2013 – 2016, working in partnership to launch a global HRH movement– Health Workers Count
  • The theme of the movement was Human resources for Universal Health Coverage. The shared recognition that moving toward UHC depends upon everyone having access to a skilled, motivated, supplied and supported health worker within a robust health system was the foundation of the movement which links to the theme of the Third Global Forum.


  1. Represented IOBM in 4th Dean's and Director's conference Islamabad (7th to 8th Feb 2017), organized by NBEAC, HEC. Spoke on the need for developing managerial skills for non conventional business managers, like Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Pharmacists, etc.
  2. International Women’s Day Conference 22ND March 2016 “PLEDGE FOR PARITY”, Karachi, Spoke as a Panelist, on “Gender Mainstreaming in business and education sector” in Pakistan.
  3. SHOT’16 New Delhi India (3rd & 4th March 2016), Smart Hospitals of Tomorrow, and Chaired a scientific session on "‘Innovation in approaches to SMART Hospital”.
  4. Presented as an international guest speaker on “Emergence of Health Managers in Pakistan”, in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medial Sciences), New Delhi, India October, 2012.
  5. Presented as an international guest speaker on ‘Futuristic Health Care’, New Delhi, India, October 2012.
  6. Presented as a national guest speaker on ‘Talent Management in Healthcare’ – Health Asia Conference, Karachi Pakistan, April 2012.
  7. Presented as a national guest speaker on Meeting the Unmet Needs in Health Marketing’ – Health Asia Conference, March 2009.

Co-Curricular Ventures


Health care industries in Pakistan are operating in scattered segments. The concept of ‘REVIVING SUSTAINABLE TRENDS’ revolves around the need for bringing about a progressive change in health care through mutual support and cooperation. The conference will feature renowned health care leaders from both international and national fronts focusing on collaborative strategies for the progress of health management and initiating a dialog towards sustainable development goals.

More than 500 visitors attended the International Conference

Series of HEALTH AWARENESS and ASSESSMENT CAMPs since 2009 till date

The focus of the IoBM Health Assessment camp (whenever organized and executed) is the delivery of awareness and consultation to the youth & executives, upon multiple aspects of their health related issues, through a mixture of fun & activity. This also aims to provide Recruitment and Selection Opportunities of the shining health managers to the corporate world.
Massive crowds usually are drawn to the free-of-charge health camp, health awareness programs, basic life support training campaign and corporate health sessions at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM). The Health assessment camps comprise of health expo, free health assessments, awareness and screening activities. Popular pharmaceutical companies, corporate organizations and public health promoting agencies contribute to this CSR activity. The health camp has also extended the vision of Ethical Organ Donation of SUIT by Dr Adeeb-Ul Hasan Rizvi and Nutritional Development of HANDS by Dr A.Gaffar Billoo.

More than 1800 visitors attended the Health Assessment Camp.

Series of Health Management Poster Conventions Twice a Year
  • MHM Department is known for organizing its Signature health management poster conventions twice a year since 2013, at the IoBM. The activity is meant to highlight the future role of health management in healthcare sector of Pakistan through hard core industry research conducted by Health Management Students of MHM program.
  • The convention invites the top healthcare leaders of the country to discuss the future resource management and business challenges of healthcare industry in Pakistan.
  • This event aids in showcasing of the strategic and analytical skills of the MBA MHM students studying in the program who demonstrated these skills through poster exhibition, based on the model of experiential learning.
  • These students are already practicing physicians, dental surgeons, pharmacists and allied health care professionals working at different levels within public and private healthcare domains.
Nominated as Judge for Inter University Declamation Contest (English) organized by HEC

(Thursday 5th May 2016 at Indus University, Karachi)
The Higher Education Commission organizes the All Pakistan Inter-University Declamation Contest for Award of “Allama Iqbal Shield” as a regular annual activity to promote Communication Skills and Critical Thinking as well as tolerance, nonviolence, and respect for others point of view amongst university students.

Mind the Gap- Video 

Click here to View - Mind the Gap Video

Finalized inward mission -Video

  • Review of evidence on the nature and prevalence of child abuse in Scotland, with specific reference to the abuse of children in residential and foster care.
  • Market research/consultancy on Lower Back Pain digital solutions (such as mobile apps), in association with Digital Health Institute (DHI) Scotland, University of Glasgow and The University of Edinburgh.
  • Systematic review for the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) investigating the relationship between influenza and asthma.
  • Customers’ Preferences for Different Car Brands - Toyota Indus Motors (Institute of Business of Management)

Breast Cancer Awareness Session (October 30th, 2017 - Department of Health and Hospital Management, Institute of Business Management, Karachi)

CBM Society of Health Managers (CSHM), a representative body of the MBA Health & Hospital Management Program (MHM) at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi, organized a dynamic session on Breast Cancer Awareness in coordination with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, on Monday October 30th, 2017. This event was held on IoBM premises, in the EMEC Board Room. It was the second such event, the first having taken place a year prior.

2ND International Conference on Experiential Learning Health and Hospital Management Track (October 21 - 22, 2017 - Department of Health and Hospital Management, Institute of Business Management, Karachi)

The Department of Health and Hospital Management at Institute of Business Management, Karachi has been enriching careers of healthcare professionals with managerial education through an MBA experience for more than 18 years. MHM is structured on experiential learning and practical research based on interdisciplinary approaches. One of our prime objectives is to bring key opinion leaders working in the health care field under one roof as it is observed that there is so much talent and expertise but yet we are working in scattered segments.

HEALTH MANAGEMENT CONVENTION 2016 (Saturday December 03, 2016 Department of Health and Hospital Management, Institute of Business Management, Karachi)

Health care organizations are complex and constantly evolving. The ongoing paradigm shifts of global competitiveness, environmental changes, health regulations, patient-provider interaction, health human resource training and development needs and more rapid medical and technological innovations are transforming health management organizations. Healthcare industry requires change managers and leaders who can be ready to adapt and envision the change. View Gallery

The Sixth Health Convention held on April 16, 2016,  focus of the event was on Safety in the Healthcare Industry.

The convention initiated a meeting between the academics and the industry healthcare leaders. This introduced an exemplary model of experiential learning where the students showcased their talent in the form of industry-based research poster presentations.  These students are a mix of professionals ranging from practicing physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and allied healthcare professionals. Topics ranged from supply chain management to ergonomics, business intelligence in healthcare, and risk assessment of violence in the pharmaceutical industry along with strategic modifications in health care strategy. Some of the top healthcare leaders from the hospital and pharmaceutical industry attended the event. The convention was conducive to mutual learning and starting a dialogue for innovative solutions to problems in healthcare. Various pharmaceutical industries taking part in the convention includedGetz Pharma, Reckitt& Benckiser, and Herbion, and some major leaders from the healthcare and NGO sector, including the CEO of Aman Foundation.

The convention was organized by students’ CBM Society of Health Managers CSHM, under the guidance of Dr. Asima Faisal, Head of Department of Health and Hospital Management, Dr. Shahida Mirza, Senior faculty Health and Hospital Management, Dr. Azeem Rauf department officer, and Dr. Tasmia Billoo, President CSHM.

Consultative Workshop on Development of National Thalassemia Policy Workshop on 31st, March 2016, PC-Karachi)

  • Development of National Thalassemia Prevention PolicyHHM2
  • Among the attendees were government & private sector organizations working on Thalassemia. Data was complied on basis of the experiences shared by the organization persons.
  • Discussion about their protocols for screening, diagnosis, transfusion, iron therapy management and respective aspects, issues they face and their probable solutions.

SMART Hospitals of Tomorrow in New Delhi (3-4 March 2016)HHM12

  • Smart Hospitals of Tomorrow (SHOT ’16), attended by Dr Asima Faisal HOD MHM department .
  • This was an international conference brought together hospitals owners, administrators, decision makers, doctors, to share their views as well to know about international experience in the field .
  • To work in tandem & to keep pace with the best practices undertaken in the Healthcare industry throughout the World.
  • Dr Asima chaired 2 plenary sessions during the conference.

National consultation of PakBDO Association (Karachi Workshop Report, February 11-12, 2016)

  • The Safe Blood Transfusion Programme in collaboration with the World Health Organization HHM1organized a workshop in Karachi titled “National Consultation of PakBDO Association” from February 11-12, 2016.
  • The objective of the workshop was to share the technical data received from the partner BDOs and Blood Centers and discuss the blood banking practices with a view to strengthen the capacity of the partners.
  • The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants who were representatives of around 30 BDOs, large-scale blood banks, and programme manager of SBTP in Sindh.
  • Dr. Yetmgeta Abdella, Technical Officer, WHO, presented the GDBS database and challenges faced in acquiring the data. He also outlined the blood safety scenario in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region.
  • Pakistan has a large number of universities which have a huge combined enrollment of students. Until recently all these BDOs worked in complete isolation and without proper technical guidance. The true potential of these youth organizations thus remained unexploited.

Health and Nutrition Festival Thar 2015

  • HHMHealth Mela organized in Mitthi Tharparkar by Health Ministry of Pakistan was attended by Dr Asima Faisal, Dr Shahida Mirza, Dr Tasmia Billoo
  • In attendants were diplomats, senior health officials from Health ministry and leading personalities of corporate World.
  • Objective
    Our objective was to visit this Health Mela to be a part of the national agenda towards the betterment of health indicators in the outreach districts plus we also took the opportunity to present IoBM’s agenda for the "Sindh Outreach Program".
  • The objective was well achieved since it was attended by almost all the potential partners both local and international.
  • The event can be summarized by highlighting a few prominent things.
  • The presence of IOBM (CSHM) was mandatory (along with other prestigious organization), since its time going a step beyond the concept of a business institution to an official bilateral organization working for social welfare and health advocacy.
  • CSHM was warmly welcomed by Dr Ehsaan who was looking after the show as a Supervising head and representative from MOH Sind secretariat Karachi. Among a few prominent attendees were.
  • The Agha khan university Hospital, UNICEF ,WHO, HANDS, Sindh hepatitis control program,Expanded program of immunization (federal government),End polio program, MNHCH, CHAF and HELP foundation.
  • It was a great achievement of the CSHM marking its presence as a key player for health advocacy.

Intr-Health Management Conference - 2015

  • HHM11The International Health Management Conference 2015 was held at the IoBM on November 1-2, 2015.
  • The Conference was attended by Dr. Shakti Gupta from ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (AIMS) India. Renowned doctors, attended the conference along with Dean CBM,Dr. Irfan Hyder and Dr. Asima Faisal, HoD, Health and Hospital Management, IoBM
  • At the IoBM International Health Management Conference and it was reinforced that Health should be the first and foremost priority of any growing nation. Health FIRST ‘Frontiers in Reviving Sustainable Trends’ was envisioned at the IoBM International Health Management Conference 2015.
  • The conference featured renowned health care leaders including Dr. Mairajuddin Shah, Medical Director Outreach Services, AKUH, Mr. Haroon Qassim MD, Pharmevo, Dr. Farhan Essa, Director Operations, Essa Lab and Diagnostics, Dr. Shakti Gupta, Medical Superintendent, AIIMS, New Delhi, India, Mr. Shakeel Mapara, Head of HR, Sanofi Aventis, Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz, Consultant, Gastroenterologist, Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed, President Healthcare Paradigm, Dr. Nadeem Rizvi, Consultant Cardiologist, Mr. Saeed Allawala, Chairman ATCO Laboratories, Dr. Irfan Hyder, Dean, CBM and the host Dr. Asima Faisal, HoD, Health and Hospital Management, IoBM.

New Horizons in Health Management

  • AIT ‘Ensuring Training Effectiveness’ Program, Bangkok, Thailand Following the HEC Master Trainer Faculty Professional Development Program, the 5th Advanced Faculty Professional Development Program on Ensuring Training Effectiveness was held from 24th March to 11th April 2014 at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok Thailand.
  • Dr Humeira Jawed from the Health and Hospital Management Program, IoBM was selected along with 24 faculty members from different universities all over Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.
  • The program focused on best practices in training implementation and management, innovative techniques on group facilitation, maintaining an active learning environment, sustaining learners’ interest, coaching and mentoring, ICT applications in the training environment, result-based evaluation of training, and exposure visits to private and public universities in Bangkok and provinces.

Health Camp

  • The CBM Society of Health Managers, part of MBA Health and Hospital Management program at Institute of Business Management, organized its Sixth annual health camp for students, faculty and general public at IoBM Korangi, Karachi. The event comprised of different pharmaceutical, health and allied industries providing free consultations and diagnostic services to the public. The two day event began on Sunday November 2nd 2015 and continued to give exceptional and high quality services till Monday 3rd November, 2015. The entrepreneurial stall highlighted the business achievements of the MHM students in various arenas of healthcare delivery and services.
  • Various awareness sessions by eminent consultants on skin, healthcare IT, eye care and basic life support were arranged for students.
  • Dr Asima Faisal, the Head of Department of the program stated that such events are needed in business schools to create health awareness among students and faculty, and to create an empowered and healthy society. The theme of this health camp was empowering health, based on the concept of health comes first for all.
  • The event was able to generate meaningful research insights about the current and emerging problems in health among youth in Karachi.

Pharmaceutical Plant Audit & Training for Q/A ,cGMP

  • The target of learning based on real life practices is one of the focus when students of Pharmaceutical Administration are taken on different field visits of well-known National e.g. Hilton Pharma & Multinational Pharmaceuticals e.g Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). The standards to make quality healthcare products & how these firms meet the cGMP requirements according to their available resources are explained.
  • Similarly, visit to Herbion Pharma Karachi for students of Supply Chain & Production Management to understand work process of different departments.
  • Faculty supervisors Dr Kamal Qureshi, Dr Asima ,Mr. Sohail Sawani.

Disaster Management & Risk Management WorkshopHHM13

  • Series of workshop have been conducted on risk and disaster management ,a prominent one of which is by Ursula Christiansen and Dr Shahid Amjad PhD faculty at IOBM

Guest Speaker Session

Guest Speaker Session for students of Research-Fall 2016

Class: Research & Survey Methodology

Instructor: Abdur Rahman Aleemi

Guest Speaker: Muhammad Azeem Qureshi

Date: 3rd, December, 2016.

Mr. Qureshi is a PhD scholar, a prolific researcher by heart and a visionary academic. He is having several research papers published in the fields of social sciences and presented his research on several platforms. Mr. Qureshi spoke to the class on the purpose of research and its importance in management sciences. He emphasized the need for quality and evidence based research to bring social integration along with managerial implications.

Pharma Administration

Ms.Ruby Sheikh, Head of Quality at GSK, Pakistan was invited as a guest speaker on 2nd August 2015 by Mr. Kamal Ayub Quraishi, Visiting Faculty Health and Hospital Management Department. She briefed Pharmaceutical Administration  class about the Quality Control Operations involved in Pharmaceutical Industry, concept of Quality and implication of Quality. It was a pleasure to have her as a guest speaker. She generated a large amount of interest and awareness of Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Industry

Seminar in Health Policy

Dr. Ehsan MBBS and MBA is involved in the policy making of Sindh health department conducted the session and give information about policy making procedure.

Dr. Fatima Saad, have specialized qualification in medicine, nutrition and public health combined with 15 years of working experience in government and social sectors. Currently working as Provincial Program Manager, Micronutrient Initiative Sind and Baluchistan.

Ensuring Ethical Interactions

  • Regular field visits to
  • Indus hospital , Liaquat National Hospital, AKUH, Primary health care centers for changing the way we support education of health care professionals in order to support our teams using the right resources to train and develop our individuals.

Capstone Projects

  • This project offers our students with the opportunity to develop their skills, enhance their strength and make a difference in the world.
  • This program offers training and experience through a number of purposely designed in depth and breadth rotation across different organizations.
Capestone Projects 2016
Name Research Topic
Sumaira Lokhandwala World of Designer Babys- What to people think?
Saira Saeed Impact of Grit persionality on Health Care Professionals
Syeda Sara Naseem Effect of  Psychogenic pain disorders in higher education students- Evidence from Karachi
Salman Mustafa Anxiety Disorders in University Students
Huma Khurshid Impact of technostress on job performacne & job satisfaction in Pharmaceutical Employess- A gender based comparison

Research & Development

  • Our MHM courses arte designed in such a way that research becomes a mandatory part of the course work.
  • Our success has been facilitated by undertaking the following initiatives during this year
  • We successfully conducted 2 projects and also provided training for QA support by trained JCIA individuals .
  • During the year we supported transition from traditional research agendas to more complex study models.
  • We have been successful in reshaping our research strategy and revising our footprints.