The research by students get more than 'learning about environment and energy' –Through hands‐on and real‐life experiences, the concepts of environment and energy technology become more interesting, comprehensible and exciting for the participating students. Consequently, they become better performers. It changes the teaching and learning paradigm because – by nature ‐ young learners are interested in the environment. They are full of curiosity and are interested in what is going on around them. The MBA EEM degree at IoBM would help translate their interests and curiosity into motivation. It would accelerate the learning process of students and offer multiple modes of learning (observing, doing, reading, listening, receiving or giving feedback) and thereby contribute in making students successful. Students undertaking research projects get an opportunity to be the pioneers in the world that will demand knowledge, skills and experience in dealing with issues like, energy crises, biodiversity climate change, pollution and land degradation. The student researchers are exposed to hands‐on experiences in mitigating/solving real world problems.

Environment and Energy Research Group

Dr Shahid Amjad
  • Expertise in Marine Environment.
  • Expert in Benthic Ecosystems.
  • Offshore ecosystems.
  • Fisheries Resources Conservation and Management.
  • Marine Resource Development.
  • Coastal zone Management.
  • Climate Change impacts.
  • Air and Noise Impacts.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Trade and Environment.
  • Waste to Energy related issues.
  • Environmental Laws.
  • Member Expert Panel Sindh Environmental Protection Agency.
Dr Abdulrauf Farooqi
  • Environmental Issues and Management.
  • Water Resource Management.
  • Soil Erosion Management.
  • Crop Agriculture and Soil degradation Management.
  • Soil and Plant Nutrients.
  • Environmental Pollution, pesticides.
  • Industrial and Municipal Waste Management.
  • Renewable Energy and Environment.
  • Green Energy and Green Management.
  • Carbon Footprint, Carbon Neutral and Offsetting of Carbon Dioxide/GHG.
  • Water, Food, Energy Security, Cogeneration.
  • Organic Food Production.
  • Hazardous waste law.
  • Water Laws.
Dr Akhlaq Ahmed
  • Industrial Waste Management.
  • Chemical pollutants and Management of Persistent Pollutants.
  • Environmental Laws and Regulation.
  • Environmental enforcement and practice.
  • International environmental law.
  • Interagency environmental cooperation.

Industry and R&D institutional Engagement

  • National Institute of Oceanography (NIO).
  • PCSIR Karachi labs.
  • Institute of Space Science, (IST). Karachi.
  • Environment Management Consultants (EMC) Pvt. Ltd.
  • PN War College, Lahore.
  • LEAD Islamabad.
  • Global Change Impact Studies Centre, Islamabad.
  • National Center of Maritime Policy Research, Bahria University.
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  • World Wide life for Nature (WWF).
  • SAARC Coastal Zone Management Centre Malé, Maldives.
  • Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

S No. Name Project Topic Supervisor Status
1 Ms. Lalaukh Wajahat Malik  ID 12049 Empowering marine Fisherfolk Communities at the Karachi Harbour by Overcoming their Vulnerability to Bondage Prof. Dr. Shahid Amjad Completed 21 May 2013
2 Ms. Moomal Shahab ID 2012-3-05-13968 Noise Levels and its general Impact on Public in Karachi: A Case Study on Noise Level Measurement in Commercial Zones and Institute of Business Management Prof. Dr. Abdulrauf Farooqi Completed Fall 2014

Mr. Adnan Ali

ID 2011-2-02-12369

Impact of Korangi Drain Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Irrigation on Soil and Vegetable, Karachi Prof. Dr. Abdulrauf Farooqi Completed Fall 2014
4 Ms. Nida Rabab
ID 2012-3-05-13961
Impact on Vegetables Irrigated with Municipal and Industrial Wastewater from Korangi Drain Water near IoBM Prof. Dr. Abdulrauf Farooqi Completed Fall 2014
5 Mr. Muhammad Faisal Yaseen ID 2011-2-02-12344 Utilization, Disposal and Management of Food Waste during Wedding Ceremonies in Karachi Prof. Dr. Abdulrauf Farooqi Completed Fall 2014
6 Mr. Farhan Ali ID 2012-3-05-14008 Impact on Soils Irrigated with Korangi Drain Water on the Farm, near IoBM, Karachi Prof. Dr. Abdulrauf Farooqi Completed Fall 2014
(Graduated in 2015)
7 Mr. Abdul Fawad
ID 2012-1-06-14100
Street lights Optimization: A Sustainable Approach Prof. Dr. Shahid Amjad Completed 27 June 2015
8 Mr Mehmood Alam ID 12551 Sustainable Environment & Energy Development in Pakistan Using Jatropha Bio-Fuel Prof. Dr. Shahid Amjad 2015  (in Progress)
9 Ms. Sana Ayaz
ID # 2011-3-03-12521 
Increased Respiratory Illnesses due to Particulate Emissions from Air Pollution: Evaluating People’s perception visiting Respiratory Clinic of a Tertiary care Hospital in Karachi Prof. Dr. Abdulrauf Farooqi, and
Prof. Dr. Shahid Amjad
Completed  Spring 2016