Topic: "Critical Thinking"

Submitted by: Sarah Tariq Faquih, Fatima Marvi, Rubbia Moten, Abdullah Zubair, Murad Ali, Hassan Khan
Problem Statement: To find out why the loyalty of customers is decreasing, thereby affecting the revenues of Al Munir Hotel.

Purpose of Study:

  • How to attract and retain the dissatisfied customers.
  • Seeking ways of providing value to our customers.


On the basis of the Customer Satisfaction Survey, we found that the ratings of services, staff and information are quite low, even though the hotel itself is a service industry. This indicates why the customer loyalty is deteriorating.

Value Criteria:

  • Status symbol; luxurious and extravagant lifestyle
  • Self-satisfaction; self-grooming
  • Relaxation; indulgence
  • Improves health
  • People from Saudi Arabia visit such places only for pleasure, as spa facilities are not available there.


  • Staff training
  • Hiring diverse employees- polyglots, tour guides, day care nannies
  • Customer feedback
  • Improvisation in the ambiance of the room, including one tablet and one Play Station/Xbox per room.
  • Efficient response of room service
  • Day care service with camera surveillance
  • Swimming pool bar
  • Mega events on special occasions Action


  • Mandatory, regular training sessions for staff to improve their knowledge and information about the hotel, problem solving skills and communication skills.
  • Hiring diverse employees to break language barriers and to cater to various nationalities.
  • Tour guides should be at the reception, to help out the customers and provide them with information
  • Separate group of staff for room service, active 24/7. These can be directly contacted via the tablets provided in the rooms.
  • Changing of bed sheets daily; ambrosial fragrance 24/7; use of tablets to order food.
  • Proper monitoring of the day care service via hidden cameras to ensure safety of children.
  • Discount vouchers for nearby, well reputed places.
  • Feedback survey at checkout time and compensation for bad experiences, if any.

Financial Budget:

(AED) Cost of time Policy & regulation making 50,000 Internal Training 100,000 Cost of money External training from a consultancy company 250,000 Bonus 100,000 Total Cost 500,000