1. Speakers’ Club
    1. Fareeda Ibad, on behalf of IoBM invited Guest speaker Mr. Raza Pirbhai, CEO, KFC Pakistan, for a motivational talk to the students on ‘How to lead a successful career’. The session was attended by a large number of students and faculty, and was followed by numerous questions by the highly motivated students and faculty.
    2. There were two “Speakers’ Club” activities on “Are girls better students?” and the other on “Is social media making us more narcissistic?” A large number of students and faculty members attended these sessions on the steps of the Library Building. This session was largely attended by students and faculty, who through a thought-provoking and a mentally stimulating discussion, explored, discussed and discovered the pertinent facts and truths of how social media users are becoming narcissistic through sharing of their personal, educational and professional achievements, status updates, pictures and videos.
  2. Readers Club

The Academic team led by Ms Shumaila Omar organized the Reader’s Club event on April 24, 2017, in the main Library, from 09:30 to 11:30. In order to showcase the readings of the students as a motivational strategy, the Readers’ Club event was organized in the form of presentations from six sections of the Academic English classes, on the books students read. Two external panelists, Ms Aine Arfin (Principal, Bayview High Senior School) and Ms Sabiha Siddiqui ( Head of English Department, Bayview High Senior School and College) were invited to judge the presentations on readings. Two internal panelists were Mr Ejaz Wasay (HoD, Media Studies) and Ms Aliya Sikander. The best three presentations were awarded by the panelists, following talks on reading habits from the graduating students of IoBM, the panelists, and the members of the Academic team. The event generated extensive talk, sharing experiences on the pleasure of reading, and how the reading habit becomes a lifelong companion of people. This is in line with the IoBM’s vision of making students life-long learners, and this is one main contribution that the Communication department can make to the learning of the students. The session ended with the closing comments by Ms Aliya Sikandar and distributing the giveaways to the external panelists as a gesture of appreciation.

3. Writers’ Club

Students’ creative writing in the form of Students’ online Newsletter titled ‘Musings’. Students have shared their creative ideas, which is going to amaze the readers. Roshana Kamran form the Communication department is working on this project and it will be soon issued online.

2. Experiential Learning Projects

  1. Irfan Sheikh’s class presented 30 experiential learning projects through poster presentations. The projects were concerned with the efficacy of correspondence in the business/corporate world. A large number of students and faculty attended the presentations, and the students enthusiastically briefed them about the projects. Notably, the enthusiasm that the faculty tried to raise was evident in this event, and the strategy was highly successful as an innovative strategy to bring in motivation among the students.
  2. Aliya Sikandar’s Business & Professional Speech class presented 40 experiential learning projects in the form of Business Reports in simulated Board Meetings. It was followed by Critical thinking questions (that the students were trained in the class), and the presenters supporting their stance through logic and warrants.
  3. Asif Khan’s class went to 8 NGOs and presented their experiences regarding their experiences in terms of the functions, services, and impact of those NGOs. These were in the form of poster presentations in the class.
  4. Shumaila Omar’s class is going to present their projects on 18th May in the forms of group presentations. This will be the ‘Exhibition’ of a problem solving situation.