Vision Statement

“The mission of the MBA Health & Hospital Management program is to promote an environment of continual learning and development of health and managerial expertise of its students and faculty keeping in consideration the needs, demands and behavior of target population and stake holders in the healthcare industry. We are highly committed to build a competent brand of health managers who excel in creative and critical thinking, decision making, team building and technical mixed with strong communication and enterprising skills to generate Research driven results. Our program institutes best teaching methodologies delivered by dedicated faculty who caters to the capacity building of future healthcare leaders who are sensitive to the needs of the society to disseminate applied knowledge, promote the understanding and ethical practice of health care business in turn serving the community and the Nation”.

Head of Department (HoD)

Dr Asima Faisal

Job Market

The program is geared to professionals who aspire to be health care managers. This is a specialized program that integrates technical knowledge with managerial skills specializing in marketing, finance, accounting, interpersonal communication, human resource management, and various disciplines of the health management field which are relevant to those working within the private and government health care sectors. The program has a multidisciplinary approach in preparing graduates for the provision of necessary expertise to manage health services most effectively and develop technically competent and socially sensitive managers for leadership roles in global health systems hospitals, NGO sector, pharmaceutical industries and population programs.