Visibility and Transparency in Construction Industry- A Supply Chain Management Approach

Author: Sarah Yousuf, Faraz Alia and Imran Ali


With changes in technology apparent in almost every industry in the world, making processes improved, agile and responsive, the construction industry still seems to fall behind in the race. The concept of smart cities is drastically changing the operation procedures of industries. Similarly it applies to the way construction industries operate and could improve in the future.

All industries are growing their focus on managing their supply chain networks as a step towards reducing cost, decrease the lead time and increase customer satisfaction. Construction industry still hasn’t implemented supply chain management into scope of operations. Few of the problems faced in construction are mentioned below:

  • Communication gap between stakeholders as there is a multiple stakeholder involvement (civil, electrical, mechanical etc.).
  • Overall visibility of the project to client.
  • Timely availability of the material at construction side.
  • Cost overruns.
  • Unethical practices such as deliberate lack of transparency for self-interest.

Our study aims to provide a solution in terms of process improvement, better contract selection, as well as introduction of new technology to enhance the capability of the industry.