Inventory Network Optimization with Assembly Line Balancing

Author: Zia Abbas, Syed Muhammad Maaz, Faraz Ali and Bilal Raza

Published:SSRN Papers


Inventory network administration works at three levels, vital, strategic and operational. While the vital approach for the most part relates to the streamlining of system assets, for example, outlining systems, area and assurance of the quantity of offices, and so on., strategic choices manage the mid-term, including creation levels at all plants, gathering strategy, stock levels and part sizes, and operational choices are identified with how to settle on the strategic choices occur temporarily, for example, creation arranging and booking. This paper gave an itemized meaning of Jigs and apparatuses, and furthermore distinguished the various focal points that are related with the utilization of jigs and apparatuses in assembling to include: generation increment, cost diminishment, compatibility what’s more, high exactness of parts, decrease of the requirement for investigation and quality control costs, diminishment of mishap as security is enhanced, computerization of machine instrument to a considerable degree, simple machining of mind boggling and overwhelming parts, and also low inconstancy in measurement which prompts to steady nature of made items.