Supply Chain Sustainability – Introducing Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Author: Muhammad Farasat Khan, Muhammad Faizan khan and Samreen Yamin Khan

Published: International Journal of Scientific Research (IJSER)

Abstract :

The world is changing in to a global village and the business strategies are changing dramatically with time. This has given rise to surging competition among companies resulting into formation of complex processes and systems. Thus competitive pressure has a great impact on supply chain and its sustainability.

In this case study we have analyzed the major challenges of supply chain integration which is the calibration and coordination of a supply chain. The study suggests some key challenges such as lack of agility and supply chain visibility, inflexible capacity management, fleet, procurement and supplier management and the effect of bullwhip.

The research methodology has been devised upon gaining expert opinions followed by questionnaire from industry experts and the students of the vary domain. Finally data analysis was conducted to evaluate the opinions and construct a viable solution for the cause of supply chain sustainability. The overall finding was that 77% of the responses collected to every answer had an agreement with the variables inefficiency leads an adverse effect on supply chain, suggesting that it’s efficient management could lead to supply chain sustainability. The study has helped in hatching a solution in form of Platform as a Service (PaaS), for which the limitations and the new horizons are discussed in form of key recommendations. The final outcome suggested that PaaS can foster Supply Chain Sustainability.