Rewriting the Role of RFID & IoT in Manufacturing Company:

A novel case study on implications of RFID in modern industries

Author : Rida Arif, M.Riza Walji and Hafiz M. Ibad

Published: Trade Pub


This case study was developed to target the current problems being faced in the switchgear manufacturing industry around the world and to evaluate the results generated with the implementation of RFID technology, supported by the opinions of industrial experts. The implementation of RFID follows two coherent reasons; firstly, the current industrial standards and secondly the benchmarks it has helped achieve in various industries (mainly manufacturing) around the globe. Conversion of data obtained from the sensors to the qualitative form necessary to carry out the required studies is another integral part of this project, which utilizes the platform of Internet of Things (IoT). The major factors, identified in this case study, which have been overcome due to the implementation of RFID include process visibility, lead time reduction, technological compatibility, integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), effective planning based on realtime material tracking, cost value and cost reduction in the effectual chain of production.