Adjustable Shoes


Adjustable Shoes


Adjustable shoes are a creative innovation for kids who are continuously growing and need to change shoes every 6 months or less. These shoes can adjust according to the size of the feet and can be used up to and year and half rather than changing it every 6 months. Producing a shoe which is comfortable and can be adjusted with the growing feet is the solution for parents who are tired of changing their kid’s shoes every 5 to 6 months.


Izaan Khan


To provide children with comfortable and size adjustable shoes that can last up to a year and half contrary to the conventional shoes


A problem that is most commonly witnessed and experienced is that kid’s feet get bigger with the growing age and they need a new pair of shoes every six months or so. Because of this problem parents prefer a shoe which is not very expensive and mostly it turns out to be an uncomfortable one. Producing a shoe which is comfortable and can be adjusted with the growing feet is the solution for it. It will last for a year and a half but also depends on the use. This will allow the parents to invest in a shoe that is not only size adjustable but also affordable and comfortable for the children.


Value Propositions

Ill-fitting children’s shoes can lead to foot deformities and other serious health issues. Children’s feet need room to grow. However, up to 50% of all children are still wearing shoes that are too small; when they grow up only one third have healthy feet. The most common cause of this is wearing shoes that are too small for their feet! Often, children don’t feel when the shoe is pressing against their toes because the fabric is still very soft. Therefore, to avoid this, parents needs shoes that can last for at least a year and are size adjustable so that the feet growth will not be stunted with the kid’s growth. The best solution for this problem is the shoes that can be adjusted with the growth of the feet and will last longer than a conventional shoe.

Revenue Model

The revenue model is based on selling the shoes to the target customers.

Key Partners

Suppliers of raw material

Key Activities

Designing the shoe


Manufacturing and Distribution

Key Resources



Raw materials

Multi skilled employees

Customer Relationships

Home delivery services

Online Shopping Store

Customer service helpline

Stores located in multiple locations


Retail stores

Social Media

Word of Mouth


Customer Segments

Children belonging to the following age groups:

5-7 years

7-9 years

9-11 years

11-15 years

Cost Structure

Designing shoe


Labor cost

Marketing cost

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